Film Shortage is the online spot for short films. Featuring mind-blowing new shorts daily, with the freshest and most unique filmmakers today. We are now opening up our submission to short screenplays for the chance to be developed into a fully produced radio play!

This contest is dedicated to giving writers an opportunity to be discovered while also having their scripts produced into a well-crafted radio play by our team of producers. Each month the top script(s) will be professionally produced and featured on the Film Shortage Radio Play Podcast and distributed through Film Shortages' various platforms.

So, what is a radio play? Think of it as a high-quality table read professionally recorded with voice actors and sound designed by a team of top-notch audiophiles all while under the direction of an experienced storytelling team.

1. All scripts must be submitted in English, and entry fees must be paid in U.S. dollars. Entry in the competition is void where prohibited by law.

2. All writers’ names should be listed in the online entry form, “written by” credits are optional on the script/pilot file itself. By submitting online to, the entrant warrants that all writers have authorized the submission. If a screenplay is written by multiple authors, all cash and awards will be remitted to the entrant of record, with all proceeds to be divided at the writers’ discretion.

3. To enter, you must submit in the following format only: PDF

4. Scripts cannot exceed more than 15 pages.

5. Entrants of the FilmShortage Radio Play retain all rights to their screenplays.

6. Once a script has been submitted, we will not accept revised drafts. If you wish to submit a revised draft of your script, you must enter it as a new submission.

7. FilmShortage will not share your screenplay with anyone except the staff and producers without prior permission

8. By submitting your script to, you represent that your entry is your original work, and does not infringe on the copyright or other rights of other people or legal entities. The entrant indemnifies and its employees and subsidiaries and holds them harmless from any claims regarding infringement or dissemination of materials.

9. Entry fees are non-refundable

10. The script entered must not have been produced in its full form.

11. Script feedback will be given 10 days after submission.

Winners Selection

FilmShortage will select scripts to be produced throughout the year. Selected scripts will be contacted using the email address provided on the corresponding entry form. FilmShortage’s selection criteria are based upon the level of writing ability, originality, market potential, and appeal to the Film Shortage industry network.

By submitting your script for consideration to, you agree for FilmShortage and its producing partners to develop and produce your short screenplay into a radio play to be distributed throughout FilmShortage’s platforms i.e website, youtube, and podcast.

Writer agrees that should his/her material be chosen as winning script, the writer shall review and sign the Certificate of Writer Engagement before the Short Film can be produced as part of the award, The Certificate of Writer Engagement, in part, states that to the fullest extent allowable and for the full term of protection otherwise accorded to Writer under such applicable law, Writer hereby assigns and transfers to Producer the Rights and, in connection therewith, any and all right, title and interest of Writer in the Short Film. The writer shall be credited as screenwriter on the production. Credits shall follow standard narrative film credit format for the writer’s credit