“URBAN VISIONS. Beyond the Ideal City” is an independent film festival promoted by City Space Architecture, a non-profit organization based in Bologna, Italy.
It is the first Italian competition for short films entirely dedicated to the contemporary city and to urban public life, aimed at exploring urban humanities through an interdisciplinary approach - www.cityspacearchitecture.org/urbanvisions / www.visioniurbane.stream

“URBAN VISIONS. Beyond the Ideal City” is interested to collect narratives of different realities, to investigate city’s connections, intersections and activities while focusing on the public realm, where public aspects, related to participation, sharing and social practices, blend with private aspirations, related to individuality, diversity and lifestyles. Urban Visions intends to collect stories of happiness or poverty, success or solitude, compliance or rebellion, beyond the seducing and reassuring shapes of the beautiful, ideal city. Overcoming the stereotypes and well-known images of consumerism, Urban Visions looks for something that our eyes, deliberately or unconsciously, don’t know or can’t see.

“URBAN VISIONS. Beyond the Ideal City” is part of A-Place. Linking places through networked artistic practices, dedicated to strengthening the bonds between people and places, co-funded by the Creative Europe program of the European Union - www.a-place.eu.
"URBAN VISIONS / A-Place" competition includes:
- A-Place / Migrants, refugees and displaces communities, investigating the living conditions of migrants, refugees and displaced communities in cities, in Italy and elsewhere.
- A-Place / Resilient Communities, investigating the work of self-organized communities through creative and multidisciplinary placemaking initiatives.

Category: Urban Visions. Beyond the Ideal City
1st prize - € 800 in cash
2 honorable mentions - certificate of excellence

Category: A-Place / Migrants, refugees and displaced communities
1st prize - € 500 in cash
2nd prize - € 300 in cash
3rd prize - € 200 in cash
2 honorable mentions - certificate of excellence

Category: A-Place / Resilient Communities
1st prize - € 500 in cash
2 honorable mentions - certificate of excellence

The competition is open to film professionals and film enthusiasts, and to all genres (fiction, experimental, documentary). There is no restriction about the language, but subtitles in English must be included.
We accept short films of maximum 30 minutes.
Submitting a short film implies that all applicants accept the terms and conditions set out in this competition.
Each applicant can submit one proposal only.

Applicants sending proposals must legally assume the rights of authorship. All questions and claims that may arise in this respect fall solely on the applicant. The video products are the property of the artists. This understanding also includes the right of City Space Architecture to reproduce the work during the international film festival “Urban Visions. Beyond the Ideal City” and during other cinema events related of the A-Place project.

Overall Rating
  • Bianca Sartirana

    We are very honored to have been selected with "The Night Burns" by Angelica Gallo, to this festival.

    December 2022
  • François Pirotte

    Great selection! I’m very grateful to be part of it! Hope to attend in the next editions!

    December 2022
  • So thankful for the opportunity to be a finalist and have my film considered. Many thanks!

    December 2022
  • Great experience. I felt the attention and care of the organizers and I thank them for the Honorable Mention to our short-film. I hope we can meet in another occasion.

    December 2022
  • Sébastien SIMON

    Thank you for selecting both my films "The Urban Suite" and "The Old, The New and The Other"! I wish I had been able to attend in person, but even from afar it seemed like the event was well-curated and organized, and the online platform simple to use and enjoy.

    December 2022