We are an online festival which premieres new films and web series throughout the year to a global audience. We also award excellence in screenplays in our screenplay competitions. We have a particular interest in unique approaches to story and form. We aim to embrace the independent sensibility that comes from working outside of a mainstream studio system: original, challenging, fresh, and provocative in form and content. Specifically, we program feature films and short films including drama, comedy, horror/sci-fi, LGBT, tv series, experimental, student films, and artists’ moving image. Our screenplay competition offers awards in all of the above categories, including stage-plays and radio dramas.

Several times a year we program the top finalists from our open submission calls in each category. This number varies depending upon quality and quantity of submissions received. Winners in each category will receive a special online screening night and all finalists will have their work shown over the entire month of the festival. All submitters at minimum have the opportunity to have their trailer screened here during the month of the festival.

Deadline for submissions is towards the end of each month for the following month’s program -- keep an eye out for earlybird and late deadlines. Feel free to contact us directly if you've missed a deadline, as we may be able to program you in the following month's festival. There are no restrictions as to date of film production or premiere status, though we will tend to prioritize films and works made over the previous 12 months.

For winning filmmakers, laurels will be awarded to films of special merit in each category and will be screened in the festival throughout the award month.

For winning screenwriters, treatments of their project and links to their work will be published alongside the festival.

Special Consideration will be awarded to selected films and screenplays in each category. Filmmakers will receive a named mention as well as the opportunity to show a trailer of their submission throughout the award month, and screenwriters will be named along with their biographies and project details.

All work submitted must be the sole ownership of the filmmaker. Any and all music and publishing rights must be cleared prior to submission. Decisions of selection are final. Where possible feedback may be offered, but will remain at the discretion of Film Boxe International Monthly Film Festival.

Overall Rating
  • Jerry Kokich

    I won, so of course I love the festival! Monthly festivals are soooo much better than waiting a freakin’ year for results; by that time, I’ve forgotten I even entered! As for networking, nothing’s happened, my phone hasn’t rung, no emails, but I do get to tell people my script has won another award, (2 so far).

    August 2023
  • Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You guys are GODS. Thank you for choosing my Screenplay “ THEY SMELL DEAD “ I’m still screaming.

    June 2023
  • Thanks for selecting "Enter the Room" into your festival. The process was very straightforward, and I enjoyed watching the other films on the website. Overall, I had a good experience with this festival and will consider submitting future projects to Film Boxe International Monthly Film Festival.

    February 2023
    Response from festival:

    Brilliant stuff! Great to have had you with us.

  • Brit Tobin

    Love this festival for its communication, transparency and exposure. Thank you so much for including my trailer!

    October 2022
  • Fantastic experience having PREACHER’S DAUGHTER: GIANT SLAYER selected to the Festival!!

    January 2022
    Response from festival:

    Terrific to have you with us! Best of luck with your upcoming projects.