The Film4Climate Global Video Competition invites young aspiring film makers from all over the world to showcase their talents and create either a Public Sercive Advertisement (less than 1 minute) or a short film (1 – 5 minutes) about climate action.

The film should show a personal positive climate change narrative:
• What does climate change mean to you?
• What are you doing to solve the climate challenge?
• What is your climate message to the world?

The films should emphasize what people around the world are doing to promote action, offer new solutions, and inspire change.

First Prize Winner, Second Prize Winner and Third Prize Winners

Award for competitors aged 14 – 17 in both categories: 1st Prize: Video Equipment/Software.

Award for competitors aged 18 – 36 in both categories:
"1st Prize: $8,000 - 2nd Prize: $5,000 - 3rd Prize: $2,000"

The External Judging Panel will select the Contestants (individuals or teams) whose video entries earn the highest overall score to win prizes. In the event of a tie, the winner will be selected based on the criteria described in (1), then (2), then (3). If there is still a tie then the winner will be selected based on a vote by the External Judging Panel.

Age group 14-17 winners will receive video equipment or software prizes, while the winners of the 18-35 age group will receive cash prizes. Winners will be announced at the UNFCCC COP22 climate conference in November 2016 and winners will have the opportunity of having their films featured at major film festivals.

All prizes will be provided and paid directly by Film4Climate Global Video Competition sponsors. The World Bank is neither accountable nor responsible for any of the prizes awarded. Winners are responsible for all applicable taxes and fees associated with prize receipt and/or use. No transfer or substitution of a prize is permitted. If a team of individuals is selected as a prizewinner, the prize will be awarded to the group and it will be their responsibility to split or appropriately allocate the prize.

Award for competitors aged 14 – 17 in both categories: 1st Prize: Video Equipment/Software.

Award for competitors aged 18 – 36 in both categories:
"1st Prize: $8,000 - 2nd Prize: $5,000 - 3rd Prize: $2,000"

Special Prizes:
People’s Choice Award: Given to the most popular video as determined by likes through the video gallery.
MENA Special Award: Given to the best entry by a participant from the Middle East and North Africa region.
Presenting Partner Special Prizes: Given to outstanding contributions selected by the Connect4Climate team or representatives of the Presenting Partners.

0. Submissions must be uploaded only to the competition's website at

1. The contest is open to individuals and teams. Participants submitting films to the competition must be between 14 to 35 years old as of 11.59 pm EST on August 15, 2016.

2. Individuals and teams are limited to one entry each; however, an individual who is a member of a team that is submitting a team entry may also enter a different entry on his or her individual behalf.

3. Film4Climate Global Video Competition participants will be asked to certify their age when entering, and the World Bank reserves the right to verify the age of any participant, including potential winners. Participants who are considered minors under their national laws must include their parent/legal guardian consent form with their video submissions or their video entry will be immediately disqualified. This applies to all minors whether submitting a video entry as an individual or a member of a team.

4. Video entries must be created by and owned by the Participants.

5. Video entries should convey a powerful message that helps raise awareness about climate change, promotes action, offers new solutions, inspires change, and links to at least one of the other UN Sustainable Development Goals.

6. Video entries are in two categories. Either participants enter Public Service Advertisement (PSA), less than 1 minute in length, or participants enter short films, 1 to 5 minutes in length. The videos may be recorded in any language, but English subtitles are highly encouraged.

7. The deadline for entries for the Connect4Climate Global Video Competition is 11:59 pm EST, September 15, 2016. An entry is timely, and will be accepted, only if actually received before this time. The time of transmittal will not be taken into account. ConnectClimate reserves the right to extend the deadline.

8. Winning entries from the Connect4Climate Photo/Video Competition 2011, Voices4Climate 2012 or Action4Climate Short Video Documentary Competition (2014) may not be re-submitted to the Film4Climate Global Video Competition 2016.

9. Prizes may include video equipment and goods (computer tablets and video editing software) or cash. Winning entries may also receive special recognition at major film festivals and a trip to the awards ceremony. Video equipment and goods prizes will be given to a first place winner for participants aged 14-17 years old for each video category. Cash prizes will be given to first, second, and third place winners aged 18-35 years old for each video category.

10. Winners will be selected by an External Judging Panel composed of esteemed film directors and communication professionals, including those working in the field of film, arts, and/or the environment.

11. People's Choice Award: One winner, determined by the greatest number of online votes, will be given the People's Choice Award.

12. Connect4Climate Special Awards: Connect4Climate reserves the right to award their own prize in each age group for entries they feel have particular originality.

13. Special MENA Award: Connect4Climate’s Donor, the Ministry of Environment of the Italian Government, and the Ministry of Environment of the Kingdom of Morocco will give a special prize for entries that are submitted from the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region.

14. Other Special Awards: Partners to the competition reserve the right to award additional special awards. The External Judging Panel may select a submission to develop into a larger production.

15. The External Judging Panel will judge the film entries based on the following equally weighted criteria:

i. Content: clearness and effectiveness of the video in narrating a story about climate change, promoting action, and/or offering new solutions.
ii. Technical expertise: quality of the camera and audio work, effectiveness of the editing and strength of the script
iii. Innovation, originality, and impact: telling a climate story in a fresh and unusual way, appealing to a broad and diverse audience, and encouraging further thought and action.