So, things didn’t turn out like you thought
Some days you
Feel overwhelmed & defeated
but something won’t let you stop, no
Life… didn’t go the way you planned it
Feel like your coming up
But let me you remind you in case forgot

You got the heart of a lion
You got the eye of a tiger
Right now is not the time to be quiet
So don’t just sit there in silence
Believe in rising up like a phoenix.
From the depths of the fire
If you can dream it
believe it
Don’t stop until you achieve it
Cause the one thing they stop
Can’t stop a fighter

It’s a hard road up ahead
Some days the
Feeling you’ll never make it
tries to convince you to quit,
but don’t!
Now you can make a way or you can make excuses
That choice is up to you but
Ya got what it takes but in case you forget
Let me remind you…


A warrior
No stopping time and you only get one shot
Tryina stop a wild-fire
Is like tryina douse the flame that’s in your heart


  • Keeley Brie Russell
  • Rebbel
  • Keeley Brie Russell
  • Keeley Russell
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  • Length:
    3 minutes 14 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    February 9, 2023
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Artist Biography

4’ 11” Nova Scotia born singer/songwriter/musician Keeley Russell, is best known for her powerhouse vocal performances & bold personality. She strives to pen the most authentic art by drawing inspiration from real events in her life. Keeley is an artist with true potential to cross borders as Canada’s next pop star.

Keeley has worked with top industry professionals throughout her musical journey, including Marty Dodson & Simon Reid and the late Rockabilly Hall of Famer Jim Pierce. She has a close working relationship with Calgary’s Industry Person of the Year 2020, Grant Howarth. Keeley has been regularly working with Grant, since March 2021.

In October 2022, she inked her first recording contract under Mike Foss’ Kulinary Records and has subsequently released her debut single Drunk October which now has over 67,000 streams on Spotify.

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Artist Statement

Music is a universal language that speaks to everyone in some way. I create music to evoke emotion. Something I create may become a lasting memory that signifies a beautiful moment in someone's life, (including my own). Or, many times music is therapy. If a piece of art I have created can help just one person... I have done my job!