Este Festival tiene como objetivo fomentar la cultura y la producción cinematográfica tanto en el país como en el mundo.

This Festival aims to promote culture and film production both in the country and in the world.

El Patagonia Media Festival otorgará los siguientes premios:

¥ Mejor Proyecto de Narrativas Inmersivas e Interactivas Nacional, primer premio de $50.000
¥ Mejor Proyecto de Narrativas Inmersivas e Interactivas Internacional (estatuilla)
¥ Mejor Largometraje Nacional, primer premio de $50.000
¥ Mejor Largometraje internacional (estatuilla)
¥ Mejor Cortometraje Nacional, primer premio de $25.000
¥ Mejor Cortometraje Internacional (estatuilla)
¥ Mejor Corto Patagónico, primer premio de $25.000
¥ Mejor Corto Universitario, primer premio de $15.000 + Capacitación en producción y creación de videos 360.
¥ Mejor Corto en Cuarentena, primer premio de $10.000
• 1 Mención del Jurado en cada categoría.

Patagonia MEDIA FESTIVAL is an international event that seeks to promote the audiovisual productions of new talents and independent performers promoting creativity and the development of original content and innovative formats.
It is the first international film festival in Patagonia that, organized jointly between UNRN and the production company Kilómetro Sur, awards film projects, as well as other formats, of emerging narratives of the audiovisual universe.
It is an event that aims to make local, national and international talent visible. The main objective is to promote culture and audiovisual production in the current communication and entertainment scene, positioning our Patagonia as a creative beacon. It is, in turn, a space for the exhibition and dissemination of audiovisual productions made in the training field of the different educational institutions.
It will take place from 01 to 04 December 2020.
In online and face-to-face format with projections in a drive-in mounted on the campus of the Atlantic Headquarters of the National University of Rio Negro. (*)
(*) Subject to regulations and protocols in force, in the current context, of a municipal, provincial and /or national nature.
3. - PLACE:
Comarca Viedma - Carmen de Patagones, Argentina.
• Immersive and Interactive Narratives: official competition for innovative Argentine and international narrative productions, using multimedia and interactive online environments, where content navigation involves the interaction and active participation of users.
National feature films: official competition for Argentine cinematographic works lasting more than 60 minutes, in fictional, documentary and/or experimental genres.
• International Feature Films: Official competition for international cinematographic works lasting more than 60 minutes, in fictional, documentary and/or experimental genres.
National Short Films: official competition for Argentine works of a maximum duration of 15 minutes (credits included), in genres: fiction, documentary, animation and experimental.
International Short Films: Official competition for international works of a maximum duration of 15 minutes (credits included), in genres: fiction, documentary, animation and experimental.
• Patagonian Short Films: official competition of works of Patagonia Argentina that do not exceed 15 minutes in genres of fiction, documentary, animation and experimental.
Short Films in Quarantine: national competition of short films made during the period of Social, Preventive and Compulsory Isolation (ASPO), within the framework of the pandemic caused by COVID-19, not exceeding 10 minutes.
University Short Films: official competition of short films made in the Argentine university field that do not exceed 15 minutes in fiction, documentary, animation and experimental genres.
• Productions of the National University Audiovisual Network (RENAU/MundoU ).
FAA! Audiovisual Artistic Festival organized by students and teachers of the LDAA -UNRN El Bolsón.
REC Festival organized by the Faculty of Arts of UNLP.
Patagonia Film Festival organized by the Patagonian University Institute of the Arts (IUPA).
• Media Network and IdeaLab of the National University of Rio Negro.
(a) Completed works may participate within the period from January 2019 to 2020 inclusive. Of the works submitted there will be a shortlist. In the category "Immersive and Interactive Narratives" projects from the period 2016 to the present will be able to participate.
b) By registrations enter the official website of the festival:
-FilmFreeway: https://filmfreeway.com/
-Consultations and reports: info@patagoniafestival.com
c) Once the work is selected, the owner must deliver for exhibition at the festival a copy in HD format (compression H264, 20 mbs), and in the case of immersive and interactive narratives, the link of the platform that supports the project.
7. - THE JURY:
a) The jury will be composed of personalities from the audiovisual medium, the university field, the arts and the national culture.
b) Persons who are directly related to the works in competition shall be disqualated from joining the jury.
c) The jury's ruling is final.
8. - AWARDS:
The Patagonia Media Festival will award the following awards:
Best National Immersive and Interactive Narrative Project, $50,000 first prize
Best International Immersive and Interactive Narrative Project (statuette)
Best National Feature Film, $50,000 First Prize
Best International Feature Film (Statue)
Best National Short Film, $25,000 First Prize
Best International Short Film (Statue)
Best Patagonian Short, first prize of $25,000
Best University Short, first prize of $15,000 + Training in production and creation of 360 videos.
Best Short in Quarantine, first prize of $10,000
• 1 Jury Mention in each category.
a) The shipping costs of the works shall be the responsibility of the registration.
a) The Festival is not responsible for any damages or losses that occurred during the transfer of copies.
b) In case of serious damage or loss during the course of the contest and while in the possession of the organization, the organization will be responding for the cost of replenishment of the copy, in the same format and quality of the copy received provided that this situation is fully notified by the interested party during the event.
Reception works that do not meet the general conditions of participation and the pre-selection requirements will not be registered.
The registration to the Patagonia Media Festival implies acceptance of these bases and conditions and the transfer of the rights of projection of the material presented for the purposes of the dissemination of this edition, as well as future editions from the date of selection of the material.
Likefully, together with the signing of these bases and conditions, the owners of the work agree to assign the rights of projection and reproduction of the same for the purposes of its exhibition at the Patagonia Media festival (in the national or foreign territory) as well as for its advertising dissemination.
1) Participants claim to be the sole and real owners of the audiovisual works presented to the festival, both if they are author and transferee thereof. In case of falsehood in the affidavit, because it does not hold them, the responsibility for any third party claim will be solely of the participant who presents the work, without having the Festival anything to answer to third parties.
2) Participants declare that they have all the rights involved in the work.
3) Participants declare Patagonia Media Festival unscathed for any claim regarding the ownership of the work and/or lack of authorization with respect to the rights contained therein.
The bases and conditions may be modified without prior notice.