Discover our small animation film festival, the 3rd Animation Film Festival of SWITZERLAND happening in Savigny, a small village located 15 minutes from Lausanne.
The event will be held Saturday, the 11th of June 2022, during one day. The day is split with 6 competition screenings, and the 4 prizes will be given during the closing ceremony in the evening. An open-air screening after the short closing ceremony will be free for everyone.
As we mostly have a young and family public, we try to choose films which can fit the best our public target.

1 Public Award (CHF 1000.-)
1 Grand Jury Award (CHF 500.- )
Grand Jury Special Mentions
1 Young Jury Award (CHF 500.-)
1 Kids Jury Award (CHF 500.-)

Special prizes

0. introduction
The animation film festival of Savigny will be held in the very heart of the village, 15 minutes from Lausanne (Switzerland). Its aim is to promote the art of animation short film, through a wide range of diverse animated short films for a whole public.

1. Selection conditions
For its next edition, the films will need to be no more than 2 years old. Submitted films as well as films selected in advance by the selection committee can be part of the program.

2. Jury & Prizes
Four prizes will be awarded during the festival. The Grand Prize is our Audience Prize.
The Grand Jury Award presented by a jury consisting of three professional guests, the Young Jury Award, composed by 3 students, and the Kid Jury Award, composed by 3 kids aged 8 to 15 years. The Prizes and members of the Grand Jury will be revealed by the end of May on our social networks and on our website. Special prizes sometimes also join the rewards.

3. Materials
In order to be able to document the program and the site, please send us:
- a copy of the film in digital format (.mp4 or .mov), in French, or with French subtitles, not heavier than 4 Go.
- A picture of the director
- Two digital stills of the film (300dpi)

The files should be sent to only in case of selection. You can also send us promotional posters and flyers by post. They will be arranged on the festival site. Please note that the material will not be returned unless specifically requested. Ask for the mailing address through our email.

4. deadlines
For any deadlines, please refer to FilmFreeway informations. The delay of selection results can be delayed in case of huge unexpected amount of submissions (as it was in our first editions). The films requested by the festival are automatically selected for the program of short films in competition.

5. Invitation to the festival
The director or a member of the film team is cordially invited to come and present his/her film at the festival. He/she will receive a pass which will give access to all the screenings of the day. The festival offers CHF 100.- ( around 100$) cash given hand-delivered when they arrive at the festival office to help with the journey's fees, as well as on-site meals and eventual accommodation if the director wishes to stay for one night or two. For this, please confirm your arrival as soon as you get the informations of selection.

6. Diffusion & Rights
The film will be screen only during the day of the festival, as part of the animation film festival of Savigny. The rights owner agrees that an extract of 10% of the film may be used for promotional purposes of the festival. The submitter asserts being sole owner of the film rights, or has all the authorizations (music, adaptation and image).
The festival is in no case responsible for disputes arising from information provided by the candidate. By submitting his/her film through FilmFreeway, the candidate acknowledges having read and accepted the above terms. He/she undertakes to provide timely all materials for the screening, as well as correct informations.

Overall Rating
  • Margrethe Danielsen

    Thank you for this experience, a lovely festival with wonderful people <3

    June 2021
  • Christoph Brehme

    Very nice festival, I hope I can be there one day by person. This year I hadn't the chance to go to Savigny but the contact by mail was very very kind!!!! Thanks!!

    November 2018
  • Wonderful little festival, for such a small one it has so much energy and effort put in from the staff and everyone involved with the festival. It is one lovely day of non stop screenings and hanging out with other directors. I love this festival very much!

    July 2018
  • Very nice and cute festival in Switzerland. Unfortunately I couldn't attend because of the next project but I definitely will be there next year to visit. Marjolaine tried her best to help me to join them in Savigny. The communication is super fast the team is very well organised.
    Submit, it's worth it.

    July 2018
  • Marie Paccou

    Great Festival, in a beautiful location of the swiss Alpes! It seems the whole village is helping out and getting hooked to animation films, thanks to the energy of the programming team.

    July 2018