It will be a meeting place between cultures around audiovisual production and other artistic manifestations in the community of Alter do Chão - Santarém PA, Brazil - Amazon region.

An event with the partnership of social leaders, indigenous ethnicities, local producers, institutional allies, the look of the enchanted, the Amazonian knowledge, the intellectuals, the Amazonian thinkers mixed with the popular wisdom.

7 days of Culture and Audiovisual

Exhibition of films produced throughout the national territory, international and those elaborated by the region communities.

Presentations of the rich Amazonian folklore and musical shows of great artists that inspire and spread the Amazon around the world.

Seven days of harmony and praise of cultural values. Local, national and international commitment to the genuine causes and longings of the Amazon inhabitants, plus, the 50.000 that composes participants and collaborators who guarantee a multiplied universe of dissemination.

Estimated public of 50 thousand people during the seven days of event reaching regional, national and international visibility.

Audiovisual Workshops
Workshops of audiovisual and cultural production, places for meetings, debates and promotion of these activities in the region.

Sustainable Event
Promoting and using sustainability concepts, the Alter do Chão Film Festival will be a reference for the production of cultural events.

There will be a symbolic award for each of the winners of the categories of the Official Selection with the delivery of the Muiraquitã Trophy.


In parallel to the winners of the Official Selection, the FEST ALTER will also award prizes to the Special Screening for films that have socio-environmental and / or cultural relevance.


The Alter do Chão Film Festival will be in the Alter do Chão community, Santarém City, PA, from October 21st to the 27th , at the Çairódromo dependencies, in Alter do Chão.


1.1 - The Alter do Chão Film Festival, henceforth described in this document as FEST ALTER, is a meeting space between cultures in the environment of the national and international film and audiovisual production. Stage for musical presentations and other artistic manifestations, the Fest Alter fosters the interactivity of all those interested in the sustentabylity and responsible preservation of the environment, Amazonian cultures and societies.

1.2 - The FEST ALTER as a goal, the Fest Alter aims to present works from the recent brazilian, amazonian and international audiovisual productions, contributing to its diffusion and debate gathering professionals of the area, promoting meetings and business rountables, specialized workshops and regional artistic activities.

1.3 - The FEST ALTER is promoted by Krioca Comunicação Ltda. Production company, through the Rouanet Law, sponsored by Pará State Bank – Banpará –, with the institutional support of the Pará State Government, Pará, State Culture Secretary, Santarém Administration, Federal Representative Airton Faleiro’s cabinet, Federal University of Western Pará, Pará Federal University, Fluminense Federal University and coproduction with the Borari
Filmes Ltda.

1.4 - During seven days, the FEST ALTER will exhibit cultural, social and/or artistic valuable national and international films.

1.5 - A curator committee, composed by important personalities from the cinematographic and audiovisual industry, will select all the productions applied, which will be part of the FEST ALTER programming.

1.6 - The entry of over 18-year-old people in the Festival will be conditioned to the donation of 1 (one) kilo of non-perishable foods, for each event day. The raised foods will be designed to charity institution, native indigenous ethnicity, quilombola and riverside communities. People under 18 years old will have free entry in the festival.

1.7 - This regulation, as well as, all other official information regarding to the FEST ALTER are present in the Festival official online website;


The films applied in the COMPETITIVE EXHIBITION must be classified in the following categories:

- Brazilian fiction full-length feature film;

- Foreign fiction full-length feature film;

- Brazilian documentary full-length feature film;

- Foreign documentary full-length feature film;

- Full-length feature film, fiction or documentary, which approach themes related to environment, native cultures and to the people of the Amazon;

- Mid-length films, fiction or documentary, which approach themes related to environment, native cultures and to the people of the Amazon;

- Short-length films, fiction or documentary, which approach themes related to environment, native cultures and to the people of the Amazon;

- Films accomplished with Smartphones / Cellphones.

2.1 - As Full-length feature film is considered the audiovisual work with 70 minutes equal or of higher duration. As mid-length film is considered the audiovisual work with the duration between 25 and 60 minutes. As short-length film is considered the work between 3 and 15 minutes. The films accomplished with smartphones / cellphones applied in the FEST ALTER cannot overcome the maximum duration of 10 minutes.

2.2 - The Festival will even promote PARALLEL EXHIBITION, which will have their own programming defined through the General Coordination and Curators invitation.

2.3 - Works applied in the festival, but not selected to the COMPETITIVE EXHIBITION, may also be exhibited in PARALLEL EXHIBITIONS that will have their own programming defined through the General Coordination and Curators invitation.


At the end of the festival it will be delivered the Muiraquitã Trophy: A symbolic award for each of the winners of the categories of COMPETITIVE EXHIBITION described in Item 2.


In parallel to the COMPETITIVE EXHIBITION winner’s award, the FEST ALTER will also grant awards to works that had won highlight due its socioenvironmental and/or cultural relevance.


The festival will have training workshops and debates on the production and audiovisual market, aiming at the promotion of local production and the development of activity in the region. The programming and application to participate in the workshops will be available in the FEST ALTER website.


Projects to the audiovisual works production will be forwarded to the TV channels, distributors, producers and other invited or present professionals in the Festival for consulting and information in the FEST ALTER Business Tents. The applications and the programming to participate in the BUSINESS ROUND will be available in the FEST ALTER website.


It can be exhibited in the FEST ALTER’S COMPETITIVE EXHIBITIONS, all the film categories described in the item 2, completed from July 1 st 2018, or completed before this date, but that are unprecedented in festivals.

7.1 - All the foreign full-length and short-length films, as well as, the films accomplished with ethnicity or dialects must be properly subtitled in Brazil’s Portuguese.

7.2 - Films accomplished by smartphones/ mobile phone device, selected to the COMPETITIVE EXHIBITION, must be independent productions, with no links with audiovisual professional company, with the maximum duration of 10 minutes and accomplished by indigenous ethnicity, quilombolas, riverside people, students, university students or community residents, which present confirmation.


The application forms must be filled and sent in the period between July 1 st , 2019 until the closing at 23 hours and 59 minutes of August 10 th 2019 through the Alter do Chão Film Festival official website

The material to evaluation must be posted in Vimeo website’s platform through private link to visualization with password, which will be given by the candidate to the FEST ALTER organization, or through the private link of YouTube platform sending;

It is sender’s responsibility the correct sending in the indicated deadlines. These links will be used exclusively by the Festival organization and curatorship to evaluation and selection;

The FEST ALTER is not responsible for problems in the VIMEO/YOUTUBE website/link, such as incorrect or changed passwords during the application and evaluation period, or security website failures;

At application act, the proponent defines the category in which his/herwork fits, however, even the film is not classified to the COMPETITIVE EXHIBITION, to the Festival organizing committee and curatorship are reserved the right to exhibit it in the parallel exhibition during the Festival;

At application act in any category, the responsible person must fill all the items in the technical datasheet, through the official website;

The participants must send two photos (JPEG) with indicative
subtitles of the artist and photographed technician;

Provide trailer or patch being it less or equal to 3 minutes of the work applied, to be used in FEST ALTER promoting works, that will be attached to the application form though the Festival official website;

The website will confirm and send automatically the filled application form, through the responsible person’s email, that will be used as receipt;

The information sent by the person responsible for the application will be the same that will be used to publish the material and official event catalog;

After the application in the FEST ALTER, the person responsible for the application must be aware that the organization has the right to publish, the films applied, through photos, frames / patches, as well as the names in the technical datasheet with no previous communication;

All the blanks signalized as mandatory items in the application must be filled, under sentence of no concluding it;

It is responsibility of the applied person the veracity of all the indexed information.


The Alter do Chão Film Festival will publish the selected list to their
competitive exhibition until September 20 th, 2019.
9.1 - The Festival General Coordination will contact the people responsible for the selected films to send the exhibition copies and promoting material during the selection period or after its publishing.


10.1 - The digital films will be exhibited in a 2K resolution projector.

10.2 - The film copies that will be exhibited in the international full-length feature film must be subtitled in Portuguese.

10.3 - Those who have films selected in the national and international full-length feature film must send MOV-H264 or DCP digital copies, stereo sound or Dolby 5.1, with the following channels: 1-L; 2-R; 3-C; 4SW; 5-SL; 6SR.

10.4 - The mid-length, short-length and accomplished by cellphone films can opt to send the copies in other digital format, however they need to be compatible with the FEST ALTER exhibition system.

10.5 - To the FEST ALTER is reserved the right to cancel the participation of any selected film that does not present exhibition copies according to the technical pattern requested.


The copies of the films must be sent in hardware (extern HD, or pen drive), DVD or Blue Ray to the address informed by the FEST ALTER organization, by way of transport enterprise, such as Sedex, FedEx and other similar, which guarantee the provenance and deliver register to the addressee, through properly sings and indemnification insurance to the transported material paid from the date of posting. The copies must guarantee the quality indicated in the items 10.3 and 10.4.

11.1 - The copies of all participating films must be sent until September 30 th 2019, to the address 299 Djalma Ulrich Street – Overlapping, Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, Brazil, Zip code: 22071-020 or be delivered in person to the address 540 Firmino Bagata Street, Alter do Chão, Santarém - PA, Brazil, Zip code: 68109-000. The FEST ALTER organizing committee is not responsible for the exhibition of works that had not been delivered at one of the address above discribed until the deadline in October 4 th 2019.

11.2 - The Festival will not withdraw any kind of material, film or document in any Correios agency (mail agency), through payment or devolution refund, as well as will not perform any copies posting refund or indemnity.

11.3 - The media with the film copies forwarded to exhibition must be withdrawn after their exhibition during the FEST ALTER accomplishment, by responsible person indicated by the work production. The FEST ALTER committee is not responsible for the subsequent sending of the copies exhibited to its responsible person.

11.4 - The Festival organizing committee exempt itself of any author
responsibility and/or rights on the works exhibited in the Festival,
understanding that in the application act the people responsible for the works keep all the rights on the material.

11.5 - The FEST ALTER is responsible for the films storage costs during the period that the film is under its guard.


The films curatorship is FEST ALTER curator committee’s responsibility


The Festival Coordination has the autonomy to extend or not the deadline of the applications according to the need of the event.

13.1 - It is of the Festival organization the decision to expand the number of films to be exhibited in the event.

13.2 - The FEST ALTER organization and its curators are sovereign in their decisions.

13.3 - The FEST ALTER organization has the right to exclude any audiovisual work or any other artistic activity if understand it is correct.

13.4 - Any selected film to the FEST ALTER can be withdrawn from the Festival after being officially published in the event. Except if the Festival organization decide it, under punishment of pecuniary fine of R$ 3.000,00 (three thousand reais) and the impossibility of the production company or people responsible for the enterprise participate of the Alter do Chão Film Festival for the next 3 (three) editions.

13.5 – The missing cases in this regulation will be solved by the Alter do Chão Film Festival organization – PA – Brazil.