We are a horror film festival, whose only purpose is that our audiences enjoy the films like a party. Over a week we organize a lot of activities, film screenings, a short film competiotion and short writings stories competion and short film exhibitions besides the presence of a special guest related to the horror genre.

The prize consists of delivery of a trophy from the hands of the jurors. In case that the winner was not present the day of the ceremony we will send the trophy to your address


To participate, you must send your short to the address: cortos@sabadellfilmfestival.com.

Competition rules

Participation in this contest implies the understanding and full acceptance of the following bases.

To participate in the contest, the following steps must be followed:
1. Record the short (see more details on the requirements in the later points of these legal bases) in MP4 format.
2. Host it on a web hosting service, for example WeTransfer, and generate a direct link to the file.
3. Send an email to cortos@sabadellfilmfestival.com detailing the following information:
 In the subject field of the electronic mail must be "Concurso Micrometrajes".
 The body of the email must include the name and surname of the participant, the title of the work and the link of the file properly formatted and facilitating direct download without going through advertising pages or third parties outside the hosting service itself. THE MP4 FILE SHOULD NOT BE MADE AS AN ARCHIVE.
 If the participant is a minor, must also include the data of the legal guardian (name and surnames) and an authorization for the participation of the minor.

Contestants who do not meet the above requirements and/or the requirements detailed below, may be discarded.

The participation in the contest implies the necessary acceptance of the transfer of the personal data previously described. The personal data will be processed according to the Organic Law of Data Protection in force.

Once the winner has been chosen, all the information provided in the competition entry will be required to be accredited, and the prizes will be valid after verification of the data.

Contestants (or their legal guardians) are responsible for the non-existent rights of third parties for the use of musical, audiovisual, graphic, photographic and/or other pieces in the submitted works. They are also responsible for having the necessary authorization for image rights of the people that appear in them. If there are works by third parties, the contestants must have a valid authorization in writing from the author of the same. In any case, the contestant is responsible for the works of third parties, as well as the third party image rights, which appear in his work and exempts the Organization and the Festival from any responsibility.

Contestants (or their legal guardians) are responsible for any events or incidents that occur during the recording process, the recording participants (and those assisting them) being absolutely responsible for their acts, and exempting the Organization of any kind of responsibility.

The authors of the works assign to the Organization the rights of exploitation of these, consistent (but not limited) in: reproduction, communication, distribution and public dissemination of the same, by means deemed appropriate, which will always be exercised With the recognition of their status as authors, except demonstration against.
The Organization reserves the right to modify or update these legal bases if necessary.
The Organization is not responsible for the non-receipt of works due to technical or human faults.

The short films presented may be recorded with the camera of any device intended for that purpose, and can then, if desired, be edited with external tools. In turn, the short film submitted to the competition must be titled. The Organization reserves the right to carry out the inquiries and tests that it deems appropriate on the files received to guarantee that this norm is fulfilled.
Shorts must be original, with a maximum duration of 30 seconds, including titles of credit if any. The format must be delivered in MP4 format and each participant can submit a maximum of three shorts.

Each participant may only send a short from an email address. If a participant uses two or more, it may be disqualified (it will be considered spam).

The theme of the works will have to be oriented to the suspense and horror.
The Contest Organization reserves the right to disqualify all works whose content is considered by the Organization to be obscene, violent, sexist, racist, disagreeable or violates any fundamental right of the persons or they incur in breach of the current Law.

The registration period begins the day following the publication of these bases on the website www.sabadellfilmfestival.com and ends on January 10th of 2017. Works that are submitted beyond this limit will be discarded and will not be taken into account by the judge.

The jury of the competition will be composed of the members of the Organization and/or third persons that the Organization deems appropriate for this purpose.

The Prize will consist of two tickets for the Saturday afternoon screening of the VI Edition of the Sabadell Horror Film Festival, two t-shirts and a trophy.

The Jury will preselect ten finalists based on criteria at their discretion, usually being these quality criteria, technical conditions and adjustment to the basis of this contest.

The Jury will choose the winner, who will be presented with the prize described above, which will be presented to him on Saturday afternoon of the VI Edition of the Sabadell Horror Film Festival in the Imperial Cinemas (4th Plaça de l'Imperial, Sabadell, Barcelona).

The Organization may publish the name of the winner on its website www.sabadellfilmfestival.com and/or on social networks and/or other means, for informational purposes.

The Organization reserves the right to declare the prize void or to proclaim another finalist as a winner in the event of no response from the first winner and/or communication with the winner by means provided by the winner (normally, by e-mail). The prize (or part of it) can also be declared void if there are forces of major cause, humanly irremediable or outside the Organization, that prevent the delivery of it.

The Organization may contact the participants, especially the winner, at the e-mail address of the contestant (and/or other means provided by the contestants), in order to discuss any issues that they deem appropriate about the contest or the prize.

Shorts received may be freely disseminated by the Organization. All material received and suitable for the contest is in free use for the Organization.
Participants in this contest may exercise the rights to their personal data by sending an e-mail to fcterrorsbd@gmail.com, with the subject "Datos personales" and properly identified.

Overall Rating
  • Nicholas Baumkotter

    Finalist for two films, the networking has been great online via facebook including the quality,value and communication of this excellent festival.

    March 2017