The 20th edition of the Namur Nature Festival will take place from October 10th to 19th 2014.

In 1995, Philippe Taminiaux and Philippe Blerot created the Nature Video Festival in order to showcase the best amateur "Nature/Wildlife" films.

In 2006, the Professional Film Competition was created and, ever since, the number of professional films participating in the competition has been steadily increasing.

In 2007, The Festival created the Nature Photography Competition called «Тhe Big International Canon Competition of Nature Photography». Nowadays, this comepetition is known as the « Concours International de Photo Nature de Namur ».

Today, The Festival counts 3 Contests:
- Photos
- Amateurs Films
- Professional Films

For regulation and submission of Non-Professional films Contest:
Deadline for submitting: September 1st 2014, midnight

For regulation and submission of Professional films Contest:
Deadline for submitting: June 1st 2014, midnight

For Photos Competition, the regulation will be soon on our website.