The festival is a unique space for the formation and development of film talent, which takes place in February, in the municipality of Tequila and in some others, which make up the agave landscape, declared a world heritage site in the State of Jalisco , Mexico.

Have diferent sections, for example: Expresso Tequila, which consists of making a short film with actors that the festival itself offers, in locations of the, agave landscape, with a limit time. There is also a short and film competitions, and cultural events, on the "Haciendas tequileras" giving a unique experience to make and enjoy the film arts.

Galardón Fictequila


Music videos or works are not accepted for political or religious propaganda purposes.

They should not contain violence, discrimination, corruption or any other content that denigrates or damages Mexican society or the world.

The works that will favor highlight universal values, peace, intercultural dialogue, justice, olerance, gender equity, sexual diversity, people with different abilities, the inclusion, indigenous groups, migration, education, environmental care environment and others that help us build a better society.

Stories will also be favored that exalt our Mexican culture as well such as Tequila and other elements that we provide identity as a nation (Tales, legends, traditions, passages or characters historical, world heritage site in al country, archeology, music, dance, between others).

Those jobs that do not meet fully as described above will be rejected automatically.