“Literally integrates film, art and nature with filmmakers sleeping in tents and taking a break from filmgoing to enjoy the outdoors.” - Indiewire

"If a camping trip and a film festival had a baby, you'd get Festival Angaelica" - Slamdance

“I was impressed with the family feeling, encouraging environment and one-on-one attention [Breven] created for the artists involved” -Jay Duplass, Duplass Brothers Productions

“[Breven] has created an environment that's all about stripping away the facade and stripping down to what is important: creativity and camaraderie. You've created a community at Angaelica for filmmakers to come together to bond, a place to share ideas, hopes, dreams, failures and successes. A place to learn and grow as filmmakers and people.” -Claudia Adams, Alumni Filmmaker

Celebrating a dozen years of independent filmmakers, artists, screenwriters, actors and creative community. We are grateful to continue connecting visionary artists in unique settings. We host our annual festival as well as pop-up events and screenings, and of course our unparalleled camping and outdoor adventures paired with fine theatre screenings, workshops, and panels. Always built to be in a family-friendly environment where incredible collaborations are founded. We have been so proud of our many filmmakers who have met at our events and through our workshops and gone on to make exemplary works together. We are excited to share your film, but we are even more excited to meet you and help you on your creative journey. We are a mentorship based festival that is founded on the understanding that artists need a strong creative community to be able to grow and challenge their own creations. We hope to be a part of building your network and inspiring you further in your career. We hope your submission here will be just the beginning of a longstanding relationship with us, where we can empower, encourage and elevate you and your filmmaking. We are excited to get to know you and your works.

FESTIVAL ANGAELICA has a rich history. Founded as the Washougal International Film Festival we have grown and stretched ourselves along the Columbia River to incorporate more of our beautiful natural surroundings and community members. In 2016 we began our "On the Road" series and were invited to Big Bear Lake, CA where we began to call ourselves Festival Angaelica, the name of our non-profit, Angaelica. And in 2019 we were invited to host a pop-up festival in Minnesota. So at present, we have hosted festivals, events, and programming in Washington, Oregon, California, Minnesota and Florida. Come adventure with us.

Our festivals are shaped by the artists and filmmakers involved. We are continually growing organically thanks to the incredible involvement by our alumni and participating artists. We are an international event with a community focus, the Festival is open to all filmmakers and artists working within the medium of film. The Festival combines public screenings with small forums to engage in a dialogue of social issues and cultural exchange through the powerful language of film in all genres. The Festival showcases a variety of local, national and international films, aiming to share a broad range of projects representing current affairs and relevant topics that affect our communities. Encouraging student, independent and professional works for screening. We are here to share stories and the power and art of film. Films will be valued on the merits such as; creativity, ingenuity, story, attention to detail, and the ability to challenge us and make us feel. Our goal is to bring together a community of creative, inspiring, individual thinkers who encourage us, inspire us, generate thought, stir our laughter, bring about smiles, make us cry, enrage us, entertain us and explore our emotions, values and purpose.

Sometimes offering unique outdoor screenings and live music events, the Festival is full of surprises. We have often set aside days in the middle of the festival for white water rafting, kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking and other incredible activities in the the great outdoors!

FESTIVAL ANGAELICA takes place over an extended window with screenings at a variety of venues with individual themes determined by the films accepted into the festival. We also host individual screenings and pop-up events. This will vary from year to year. We welcome opportunities to bring our creators to audiences however best possible. We will honor films and filmmakers with a range of Awards for outstanding achievements in their respected field.

ANGAELICA is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) and operates through grants and donations from individuals and corporations, membership, private sponsorship and submission fees.

An important note: We are focused on the cultivation and support of our creators. Our goals are to be a meaningful part of the creative journey by championing artists, filmamkers, screnwriters and creators work in a safe, encouraging and hopefully also challenging environment of collective creative community. We are honored to celebrate our creators work in the festival format. But we are not a premiere festival or a marketplace and are in many ways agnostic to the content we show. If a creator has a project they are hoping to share, speak about, get feedback on and be engaged with other creators in that same way - we welcome you. We believe we must all listen, learn and unlearn from one another. We are intentionally focused on being a part of creatives career trajectory and hope to meet them wherever they are on that journey.

We have given away over cash and prizes, but what we do best is honor creators for important achievements in their respective work. We also create namesake and honorarium and in memoriam awards created by our extensive filmmaker community that has grown and been a part of the festival as it develops. We have helped projects from inspiration through our workshops, in development, production, exhibition and through distribution. We welcome you to come and join our festival family.

FESTIVAL ANGAELICA has amended recent editions in the virtual space although our preference is to take place with screenings at a variety of venues with individual themes determined by the films accepted into the festival, outdoor films, live music. This will vary from year to year, and the virtual space has challenged us to be as inclusive as we can be moving forward. We will honor films and filmmakers with a range of awards for outstanding achievements in their respected field, determined by the works that have been submitted.

In 2022, our 15th annual edition, ideallywe are looking to arrange both an in-person event as well as an all-inclusive virtual event. But admittedly, we are on a learning journey this season and no definitive plans have been made yet - let's discuss it together. Please be encouraged to reach out with any questions.

In the past we have incorporated screenwriting workshops and table reads for submitted screenplays. And special guest speakers and panels which have been included in all that is available to our artists, creators adn filmmakers.

By submitting you are acknowledging that you have the rights to all submitted materials. And the festival is granted the rights to use your film or excerpts thereof for promotional purposes of the festival herein.

ANGAELICA is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) and operates through grants and donations from individuals and corporations, membership, private sponsorship and submission fees.

Overall Rating
  • Great Festival ⭐️ Big thank you to hosting our film JUST LIKE WATER 🎥 Greetings from Greece 🇬🇷

    November 2022
  • martin Dominguez Ball

    Amazing festival!! I had an wonderful experience.

    May 2022
  • The festival was fully online this year due to COVID, and I have to say it was the only online festival I attended that had opportunities for networking as well as excellent films to screen during the month they were online. There were also awards which was great, but the ability to meet fellow filmmakers was huge. This is the closest equivalent to an in person online event I have experienced.

    March 2022
  • John Moratiel

    We were overjoyed that the Water Game was selected for the Festival Angaelica. Our thanks from London. John Moratiel - Director.

    March 2022

    I am delighted with the participation in the ANGAELICA Festival.
    The communication has been smooth at all times and it has been very satisfying. Very interesting proposals to connect filmmakers from all over the world.

    March 2022