The Russian-Italian Film Festival is an attractive event of international interest.
/ Festival del cinema russo a Milano / Кинофестиваль российского кино в Италии /

The Festival, through the cinematographic language, promotes knowledge of Russian and Italian culture and at the same time it also opens up to other realities.

This year 2022 festival takes place online and offline.
Closing Сeremony planned to be held in Milan.

Modern independent cinema, a renewed and stronger attention to new talent.

The Festival atmosphere, the Milan city, is a social occasion, enjoy the public space through a beautiful cultural programming.

The event will host screenings, events, conferences and debates, retrospective, meetings with authors, actors and stars of Russian and Italian culture.

- Best Film

Premio Felix:
A sculpture is an expression of a thought, an image. The thought consists of multiple vectors. Vectors that stimulate a formalization of matter which encloses the universal sense.
Unique code is the metaphysic component and the rationality of existence.

Curvilinear forms that enclose a boost and a grace, continues. Lines and spaces that are the coordinates of the historical action of man.
From these two elements it is forged the same image, a presence that has strength and form, as a triumph, as a gift, as successful.

The Russian-Italian Film Festival is organized with all format: feature films, animation, documentaries.

Precondition for the acceptance of films at the Festival, is to contain in film an element clear: THE POSITIVE VALUE OF HUMAN BEING.

Фильмы принимаются в любом жанре, но положительные, с светлым финалом.

The program admits:
- films shot in Russian Federation or
- films shot in Italy with one or more russian element, actor or creator

Important: all the russian language films (to be available for the Italian audience)
should be subtitled in Italian language.

Italian subtitles should be made at the own cost and expense of the producer or representative of the film.

Only films that wrapped production in or after January 2021 are eligible for submission.

If you are submitting more than one film, a separate certified application form has to be filled out for each of them.

A link must not contain more than one film. When sending a link to Vimeo or YouTube, please make sure the file is downloadable. The Italian subtitles have to be embedded into the image (copies with optional subtitles will not be accepted).

All films submitted to through FilmFreeway or by way of email need to be submitted by the film representatives in good faith, having a true intention of participating in Festival, and having the right to submit such films.

Contents of application:
— film with italian subtitles
— movie synopsis
— list of creators and actors
— duration and year release
— photo and short film director of autobiography
— one photo of film
— telephone and e-mail of director or representative of film

Overall Rating
  • Aleksei Golovkov

    Замечательный фестиваль. Отзывчивые организаторы. Успехов фестивалю!

    October 2021