FESTIVAL OF PELAGIA is a commitment driven film festival specifically for Actors who have created their own project. With the low cost of digital filmmaking, many actors have turned to creating their own films as a vehicle for displaying their acting abilities. Our goal is to help elevate their profile within the industry not as filmmakers but rather as Actors, union or non-union, who have stepped up their game. We call ourselves a “commitment driven” festival because of the commitment that these Actors have made to their careers by setting themselves apart from others in a pro-active way.

FESTIVAL OF PELAGIA was started by an actor back in 2003 after having completed her first short film with the encouragement of an acting coach. After a lengthy hiatus, the idea behind the festival has grown into something more. We also wanted to create a space that exists specifically with the idea of marketing to those in the industry who can bring these Actors in… give them a “step-up”. With that in mind, we want to spotlight everyone who submits a project to FESTIVAL OF PELAGIA. And so, ALL paid submissions will be listed on our site 3 weeks after the festival with a link supplied by the submitting Actor in the hopes that this will grow into a readily accessible database featuring these Actors and their project(s).

We hope that this festival will grow from a one night screening into an annual event with a minimum of three days or more featuring screenings, seminars, panels, and of course parties in the years to come with the sole focus on the Actor.

Pelagia, according to the Bishop of Edessa, St. Nonnus, was an actress from Antioch. She was very beautiful, very wealthy and was known to live a sexually promiscuous life. Also known as the Matron Saint of Actresses, she committed to her spiritual path after having had a “Spiritual Awakening”. Everyone will take away what they will from her story. What I took away was her firm commitment to her chosen path. When we as Actors commit so strongly to what we know is our path, that commitment deserves to be honored and celebrated and that is exactly the reason I have brought the Festival of Pelagia Film Festival back.

It is my sincere hope that you will use FESTIVAL OF PELAGIA and our website to market your work to those in the industry who can further your career, as well as the careers of other actors who have also completed their project(s). We will continue to market and grow FESTIVAL OF PELAGIA and its database of actors after the April 25, 2014 screening, with the intent of putting the spotlight on every actor who has made this commitment to their path.

Kerry Snyder -Festival Director

Kerry Snyder
Festival Founder

The FESTIVAL OF PELAGIA will take place on April 25, 2014 at the historic CREST Theatre in Westwood, California.

Red carpet arrivals begin at 6:15 pm

The screening begins at 7:30 pm

After the screening there will be a Q&A with all the actor/filmmakers.

Reception to follow in the lobby.

Requirements for Submitting:

You must be an Actor and have Written and/or Produced and/or Directed the submitted project AND must have a major role in it.

The Project can be a short film, a feature film, television pilot or webisode. In some cases, a trailer for a film, TV Pilot or music video may be acceptable if there is sufficient material to show off your performance. An adaptation of a play is okay as long as you have the permission of the writer (if written by someone other than you).

Non-Union and Union projects are acceptable for submission.

If you are SAG-AFTRA or have SAG-AFTRA actor(s) in your project it is advisable that you have the proper paperwork in place. PELAGIA or anyone associated with the festival are not responsible for any actions SAG-AFTRA may take should this not be the case.

All web based submissions that are under the SAG-AFTRA New Media Agreement must have had an initial public on-line release in accordance with said agreement. For the purposes of this festival, said public release must have been done by the March 31, 2014 submission deadline.

In keeping with our desire to acknowledge everyone who has stepped up and taken charge of their careers, ALL submissions, regardless of whether they are accepted into the screening or not, will be listed on our site with a link of the submitter’s choice (ie. a link to the project, a link to the actor’s website, a link to their IMDB page, etc.) These links will be posted 3 weeks after the festival. It is our hope that this will grow into a database of and for these pro-active actors. You may opt out of the database if you wish. Just let us know when submitting your project by sending us an email at submissions@festivalofpelagia.com. Please note, there is no discount for submitting your project should you decide to opt out.


Submissions are being accepted now thru March 31, 2013.

Acceptance will be announced by April 10, 2014.

What we need:
Your name, address, phone number, e-mail address along with your FilmFreeway ID for tracking purposes.

A Headshot and short bio.

The name of your film, running time of your film along with a short synopsis.

The “hats” you wore in producing the film (ie. writer, director, editor, etc.)

The best quality format your film exists as, and will be used for projection should you end up a participant in the festival.  (ie.  1080p Quick Time file,   Blu-ray,  DVD, etc.)

A DVD or Blu-ray copy of your film, or a link to your film online.  Please note:  If you send a link, make sure the quality of your piece (aspect ratio, sound, playback speed)  is the best that it can be as it will affect the way we evaluate it.



AVOID DAMAGE TO DVD by mailing it in a 5 1/2 x 7 1/2 DVD BOX. DO NOT USE a Jewel CD case or paper sleeve to mail in your DVD.

A stamped, self addressed envelope/box if you would like your media returned to you.

The submission fee is refundable only in the extraordinarily rare case that we do not get to actually screen your film for consideration.

Also, Festival of Pelagia does not own your project this is your project, we provide the data base only as an opportunity to assist in marketing you as an actor.
Films which arrive past the deadline and are not screened for acceptance to the festival will be returned along with your submission fee and will be unable to be included in the database on the website.

What sort of material is not acceptable?
Video Games-Demo Reels- Pornography. Please understand too, that we are very protective of our audiences, our fellow actors and of course of this festival, with that in mind, anything that would be abusive to audience members or put the festival and our fellow actors in a bad light will not be accepted and will be returned to you, your submission fee will be forfeited and of course we would not be able to add said project to our data base.

You have something that stirs controversy -stirs discussion- I love it bring it- especially if it shows your acting ability - BUT- keep in mind, there is a difference between being controversial and being abusive.

Thank You,
Kerry Snyder
Festival DIrector