***IMPORTANT COVID-19 Update — AUGUST 2020***
In the interest of safety for audience and staff at our venue, we have decided to take Fem.Cine.Anarchy 2020 online on September 17 — details will be forthcoming on our social. Thank you for supporting small female-centered festivals like ours!

Fem/Cine/Anarchy is a free admission, popup screening event in its 6th year celebrating
short narrative films
directed by female-identified persons.

Press coverage for Fem.Cine.Anarchy 2019

Press coverage for Fem.Cine.Anarchy 2018

Fem.Cine.Anarchy seeks provocative and edgy, *narrative short* films of no longer than 15 minutes, directed by women and featuring female main characters. This event puts the focus squarely on narrative fiction films and women's storytelling voices and vision.

PLEASE NOTE! No non-narrative experimental or nonfiction or documentary films will be considered. This event is for women directors only. Male protagonist-led films will also not be considered.

You must be 18 years of age or older to submit a film.

Entries can be from any year as long as they are no longer than 15 minutes total running time (including credits). Entries should not be available online to the general public.

By submitting your work, you guarantee that your entry is your original work, and does not infringe on the copyright or other rights of other people. You further guarantee that all listed creators have authorized submission to Fem.Cine.Anarchy.

If selected, you agree to allow Fem.Cine.Anarchy to screen your film in public when the popup event is scheduled. Reminder: this is a popup event, generally held outdoors during September. Dates are changeable and dependent on venue availability and weather conditions.

By submitting your film, you also guarantee that you have no distribution agreements that would disallow us to screen your film as described.

Again: until dates and venues are confirmed on our website, please note that dates and venues are subject to change.

We specifically look for films that push the envelope in subject matter and execution. We have a marked preference for diverse, edgy stories and intersectional voices. To get an idea of what we’re about, visit our website and watch the trailers from past events.

All films must be submitted electronically. No DVD entries will be considered.

I hereby agree for my film to be screened at Fem.Cine.Anarchy. I have the express authority to submit the film to be screened and I guarantee that I have obtained all necessary rights for a screening. Fem.Cine.Anarchy reserves the right to use a clip or photos from accepted entries for promotional purposes. Fem.Cine.Anarchy further reserves the right to decide all questions regarding eligibility, and submission rules and regulations.