The Favourites Film Festival is an audience Festival on all levels. We show selected films that have previously inspired film festival audiences worldwide: Films awarded by the audience, selected for the audience.

There are no restrictions concerning genre or running time: fiction films, documentaries, animated films, shorts or features are all eligible. We want to show films from as many countries as possible and especially focus on films from regions rarely to be seen on German screens.

“Berlin’s Favourite” Audience Award in all categories will each receive cash prices and plaques.

In order to be eligible for the competition the films may not have been previously shown in Berlin, subject to exceptions. German premieres are preferred.

The Festival Director Paula Syniawa will carry out the selection of the films. The Festival Director will determine the programme schedule and set the screening order for all films.

No film selected may be withdrawn from the festival programme after the producer or world sales company has officially confirmed its participation. If rights to a film are transferred to a successor in title after the selection has been made, the successor’s permission to the film’s participation in the competition shall be deemed given.

Subtitled files of selected films must be sent to the festival prior to the festival.

The winners of the “Berlin’s Favourite” Audience Award in all categories will be elected entirely by the festival audience. After each screening the festival audience evaluates the film on a 1-5 scale. The festival team will calculate the average evaluation for each film and identify the title with the highest result as the winner. Films with less than 10 votes will not take part in the competition. The winning film will be screened once again at the last day of the festival.