Fault Lines

Thirty-three and suddenly single, Amanda, waiting for her divorce to be finalized, travels for work and falls for a man who isn’t at all single. That phrase “What goes on the road stays on the road,” does not apply to her. She and her friends, both married and single, explore relationship stasis versus change and the varying shades of adultery over the course of a year and a season. Will Amanda end up in love or will she end up alone? Or will she die in a plane crash? This story includes broken bones, broken hearts, acupuncture, colonics, feng shui, long-distance sex, and ecstasy parties. It’s a comedy that isn’t afraid of emotional depths.

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Writer Biography - dana cera

I started writing scripts when I got my first typewriter. Yep, typewriter!! I moved to LA immediately after high school. I wanted to make movies! I made coffee for people who made movies! I fell in love and moved to San Francisco. Yep, fell in love with San Francisco. I studied writing at SFSU. I learned to make really good coffee. I wrote a lot. I moved to Portland to support my writing habit. After working in film and TV, I applied my production skills to a toy manufacturer, and after giving birth to a tiny human, I went to grad school for another writing degree. My tiny human is now in college, so it's me and the lapdog and the laptop.

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