FateCinema is a cinematographic laboratory that generates from all of us.

Our main target will be involving and bringing near the inhabitants of San Potito Sannitico to people that live in totally different realities.

We want to make this laboratory an experience for assimilation and collaboration, that brings advantages to our territory and its inhabitants and new opportunities to the future of the young directors that will begin this adventure, hoping that the collaboration with us will be stretched in time.

We are going to select 10 directors that will be hosted in our village for a week. During their time in San Potito Sannitico, they will collaborate with the citezens and the in order to produce a shortmovie.

What is more, we are even going to select volunteers that are willing to co-operate with the selected directors in the production of their movies.

1) Artistic residency of the duration of 20 days in the art center “La Regenta” in Las Palmas for the director of the best film selected by the technical jury.

2) Artistic residency in San Potito Sannitico for the director of the best movie chosen by the
popular jury

please read all the rules here:

Overall Rating
  • This was the best experience ever! I've met the greatest people here, both in the town and in the other directors and the organization. One week of not sleeping, non stop working and being always happy doing what I love. I can't possibly share how it felt, if you get the chance to live this lab, jump head first into it!

    September 2018
  • Amingo Thora

    Amazing ! The key word for this event;) !

    September 2018