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Fatale Surveillance - Screenplay

Detective Nicolas Welimier is a successful and very good detective who has worked on various cases so far. Rich entrepreneur Jean-Paul Blaise, on the advice of his friend, decides to hire this successful detective. Jean Paul is married to Beatrice Blaise whom everyone calls Trisha. She's 35 years younger than him. He suspects his wife is cheating on him and that's why he hires this detective.
Detective Nicolas Welimier takes over this case, not even realizing that this will all be very fatal for him. He discovers through his dedicated and very good investigation that Trisha is in a relationship with several other grumpy men who don't know each other. She cruises around Paris and embarks on a variety of adventures. While following her, she begins to integrate it with her behavior – she likes to use both alcohol and cocaine, she likes different sex games.
Madam Blaise is a woman who says YES to every challenge in life and finds a fascination in all lifestyles. He reluctantly indulges in a forbidden secret relationship with her brimming with eroticism and intirig, even a threesome. As Detective Nicolas brings very sparse and irrelevant information to rich Jean Paul Blaise, the jealous husband decides to hire another detective who now follows both Trisha and Nicolas in their secret games and all the erotic fantasies.
But Trisha soon refuses to meet the child Nicolas, and he soon realizes that someone has broken into his apartment and taken away all the accompanying equipment he had used to eavesdrop on Madame Blaise. Soon Nicolas receives an invitation to come to Mr. Blaise, who then reveals to him that he has cleared everything up with his young wife and that the detective and Madam Blaisy are no longer allowed to see each other. Mr. Blaise then shows him all their footage made by another undercover detective. Unwilling to report him for the blackmail Nicolas had against Madame Blaise and thus forcing her into sexual relations, Mr. Blaise orders the young detective to leave Paris forever without severance pay and payment in money for a job that Nicolas essentially did not do. Because instead of following Madame Blaise, he engaged in an erotic relationship with her using the footage as blackmail.
Nicolas now realizes that he was actually the real victim of this wealthy and unscrupulous married couple and decides to return to his parents' home and interior of France and resume a normal life.

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