Fashion by Princess Melodicaah

Photography of my work as a designer

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  • Date Taken:
    March 22, 2021
  • Country of Origin:
    United Kingdom
  • Student Project:
Artist Biography

My name is Princess Melodicaah,
From the age of 15, I’ve l always loved dressing up and looking stylish every time I went to a dance. My journey as a fashion designer began 2 years ago when I went to a local dancehall event (party) where the promoter was awarding a trophy for the best dressed female, surprisingly, I came home with the trophy and I was surprised because I wasn’t expecting to win. From that moment on, I realised that I had an unconscious interest and talent in fashion that I needed to explore.

I was ready to begin that journey because having a creative outlet was something I always wanted to implement in my life, I love the peaceful escape and joy it provides. To add, the best grade I got in my GCSE (secondary school final examination ) was A star in Art so I’ve always possessed that creative ability.

Not only do I design garments for women, I also accessorise sunglasses and my inspiration for designing my sunglasses is based on trying out different designs with my materials in my lab until I am finally happy with what I have created. There has been times when I have taken apart a piece of work and started all over again because the final design was not creative enough for me. This is the perfectionist in me that will not settle until I am finally happy with the work so I can ensure that I am giving my audience my best. When I am designing garments, I apply a different process of inspiration. Sometimes I will think and literally see a vision of a design in my mind then sketch it. Other times I am inspired when I go fabric shopping which I do regularly. The fabric I choose inspires my design because the two have to be in harmony, a design may look good as a vision however, the wrong fabric choice may not give life to it once constructed.

I generally enjoy working with bright coloured or shiny fabrics, fabrics that instantly grab your attention because that’s what I want to achieve with my work, the full attention of my audience. The theme of my work is bold, fearless and authentic.That is the part of me as a designer that always aims to produce what others are afraid to produce and what has never been done before. I just want to be different so my work can stand out.

The future for Princess Melodicaah is to have a luxury showroom in London, Paris, New York, Milan and Ghana. This showroom will be a luxurious space for people to come and shop my garments and accessories.
I want to see celebrities wearing my work, and eventually make a lot of money from my work because I want to build a big paediatric hospital in Ghana in honour of my late Aunty Milicent who was also a fashion designer. I also to carry on with the work of my foundation ‘The Princess Melodicaah Foundation’ and to provide a better quality of life and adventure for me and my children.

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