Melbourne Fashion Festival’s Fashion Film Award cultivates and promotes the art and beauty of fashion, whilst celebrating the cinematic excellence and diversity of short films.

In 2022, MFF will proudly host a red-carpet event and exclusive screening at ACMI, bringing together fashion storytellers and audiences alike to showcase the remarkable work of Australian and international filmmakers. For the 2022 Fashion Film Awards, we welcome fashion storytellers to submit both retrospective and recent works.

Through a process of application and industry selection, the Fashion Film Award places a deserving spotlight on fashion films as a key communication platform for both fashion designers and filmmakers, and for their ability to allow audiences to experience fashion in innovative and creative ways.

The winner and all finalists will receive the Melbourne Fashion Festival official laurel mark as recognition of their selection for the Fashion Film Award.

All finalists’ films will feature across multiple media channels, including a dedicated public screening event on Friday 4 March 2022 at ACMI.

The Festival welcomes submissions from all around Australia and the globe. We look forward to celebrating this unique genre of filmmaking with our audiences.

Judging Panel:
Yasmin Suteja, Founder of Culture Machine
Olivia Suleimon, Founder & Director of Freckle TV
Danielle Whitfield, Curator of Fashion and Textiles of the National Gallery of Victoria
Al Cossar, Creative Director - Melbourne International Film Festival
Marcus Crook and Nick Pearce Co-founders of HoMie
Bryon Spencer - Filmmaker

Please read the details below before submitting your short fashion film for the Award. Applications close on 14 January 2022.

Best Film - Australia

To be eligible for consideration, all films must meet
the following requirements:
/ The film must be 8 minutes or less (including credits).

/ The film must have fashion at its core and not be a music video or have been created primarily as a television commercial.

/ The film must be consistent with the Festival’s values.

/ It must not present the use of drugs including alcohol, narcotics and tobacco; clothing which contains animal fur, under-aged people in a sexualised manner.

/ As the selected films will be displayed in public spaces, a “G” rating classification (or equivalent) is required for all content. “G” classified media is for general viewing.

/ The film must not incite, encourage or present violence, intolerance or brutality in any form; depict nudity, explicit sexual activity or crude or indecent language.

/ The Festival encourages filmmakers to submit films that are as close to finished as possible. Works in progress and rough cuts will only be accepted on the condition that the only stages to be completed are colour grade, final sound mix or credits (film must be at picture look stage).

/ The Festival will not accept a film previously submitted, even with significant changes.

Applicants will be judged on the extent to which they meet the following judging criteria:
/ The film celebrates and showcases Australian and/or international fashion, either multi-brand or a single designer;
/ The film demonstrates a unique point of view;
/ The film is innovative;
/ The film has a strong directorial style;
/ The film is produced with a high quality of production;
/ The applicant(s) demonstrates the potential to contribute to the future growth of the Australian and international fashion film industry;
/ The film complies with the Conditions of Entry.

The judging panel’s selection decisions are confidential and final and no correspondence will be entered into. The Festival will not provide critical analysis or feedback.