Farshid ostovarhaghighi

Farshid ostovarhaghighi

  • Farshid Ostovarhaghighi
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Artist Biography

Farshid ostovarhaghighi is an Iranian musician, music producer, actor and film maker. He was born on 4 april 1990 in the Midnapore district of West Shiraz state. He lives with his family in shiraz, West shiraz. Farshid Das is from shiraz . A farshid ostovarhaghighi is also the Founder and Music Producer of StardoM Production and CEO of CONCERN CINE ENTERTAINMENT .

Farshid ostovarhaghighi has worked as a Lyricist on the song "together" with the music label linkdoni Music Studio . After that he Start his own Record Label StardoM Production. There are many more works he had done successfully like Tuta Dill, Thehra Hoon, Purano Otit , etc. Now he is a verified artist and youtuber.
Other Work :

He worked with lots of artist like Raidon, Raju Bishai, Sanchari Soren, Ree-Style, and more. He had done his work as Director in some short films and two web series.
Popular Works:

Chena Prithibi is one of the viral works from farshid ostovarhaghighi , also Purano Otit and Tuta Dill Songs are also Nice Content

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