FANTASM is a brand new haunt and horror convention in Orlando and has committed itself to spreading love for all the dark, creepy, disturbing, and often under seen films that fueled by a love for cinema. FANTASM'S Shock Reel Cinema Film Festival aims to seek out the best works in horror and help to get that work seen and discussed by horror fans everywhere.

Accepted films will receive 1 pass to the Fantasm Orlando convention and filmmaker unique badge.

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** JUDGES **
Monique Guggino
John Allman
Zena Dixon
Marcus Koch

Best FX (Practical)
Best FX (Digital)
Best Short Film
Best Feature Film
Best Florida Film
Convention's Choice
Judge's Choice


Eligibility - Films submitted to Shock Reel Cinema Film Festival/Fantasm Orlando must be HORROR related (sub-genre or elements) and not previously accepted at the Shock Reel Cinema Film Festival.

Entries that are NOT HORROR RELATED in some way. This is a HORROR film festival.
Entries that are designed to cause willful grief, harm, humiliation, or dishonor to other entrants or specific people.
Participants who provide false or incomplete information on their entry to purposely mislead or misrepresent.
Entering someone else's (in part or total) film submission, without explicit permission, as if it were your own work.

Fantasm reserves the right to reject any video for any reason. Rules are subject to change. The editor will be contacted, as soon as possible, if major changes are necessary to make the entry suitable for screening.


By entering a submission, I represent and warrant that I have full legal right and authority to submit the heretofore mentioned film/video project for consideration by Fantasm, and that all necessary consents, licensing and approvals have been obtained with respect thereto. I understand that my submission is in no way a guarantee of acceptance into Fantasm's Shock Reel Cinema Film Festval. No one from Fantasm or its sponsors has guaranteed me admission into the festival at any point.

All entries selected into Fantasm's Shock Reel Cinema Film Festval grant Fantasm and Encompass Entertainment, LLC. the right to use footage from the screener, and all submitted publicity photos and any other materials sent to us pertaining to this entry for Fantasm's promotional purposes, without limitations. Entrant grants this permission without any expectation of compensation or remuneration.

In consideration of participation in a contest, and for other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, the entrant, on entrant’s behalf, and on behalf of entrant’s heirs, successors or assigns, administrators and personal representatives, does hereby INDEMNIFY, FULLY RELEASE, FOREVER DISCHARGE AND COVENANT NOT TO SUE Encompass Entertainment, LLC., and each of their respective direct and indirect subsidiaries, affiliates, partners and related entities, their respective directors, officers, employees, volunteers, agents, insurers, attorneys, shareholders and representatives, and each predecessor, successor, and assign thereof, from and against any and all actions, charges, claims, losses, costs, damages, expenses (including attorneys’; fees and expenses) and liabilities of any kind or character, whether known or unknown, in connection with, arising out of or in any way related to participant’s participation in the contest.

I have read the terms and conditions appearing herein, and agree, without exception, to all the terms and conditions stated.

Overall Rating
  • Earl Martin

    I really enjoyed having my film LISTEN selected to screen. I can't believe we scheduled our family vacation to be in Orlando the exact weekend months before I knew we'd get selected. So I got to attend and I'm from Wisconsin! The festival host and staff love independent horror filmmakers. You can tell. This festival is still young and they are learning and want to learn how to make this a top-shelf event. A big pro is that it coincides with the Fantasm Horror Convention. Sure there were some hiccups and technical difficulties that plagued the fest. But all festivals deal with that at some point. Even though I got to see all the flaws and corrections that need to be made, I loved it and would be honored to go back. I met a lot of really cool people and that's important to me.
    -Earl Martin

    October 2021
  • Trent Duncan

    We were excited to showcase our film at Fantasm while also attending the horror convention. Shelly organized a wonderful festival. She is very attentive and the communication is great. We will definitely be submitting again in the future.

    October 2021
  • mark Moorer

    Lot's of fun. Great people.

    October 2021
  • David Doucette

    Awesome festival! Wish I could have gone! Communication was great!

    October 2021
  • Fantasm was a professional film festival from start to finish. I was even informed over messenger how the crowds reacted to my film Bocas during a second viewing that I was unable to attend. Fantasm is sensational and I can't wait to submit another film with them next season. Plus the venue was beautiful.

    October 2021