The FantaSci Short Film Festival is a festival dedicated exclusively to short (20 minutes and under) fantasy and sci-fi films. Like you, we're filmmakers ourselves. So we know there's a dearth of outlets to get your passion projects seen.

We are a founding member of the Best of Film Fest family ( have live screening blocks of only the best, award winning films chosen by our judges.

As everyone is well aware, due to the global pandemic, we are unsure of being able to screen in a venue for our 5th year. However, we will not be streaming your films regardless. We do, though, have a gala streaming awards event! Be sure to watch last years awards on our web site.

We'll have lots of categories from comedy and drama to fan films and even machinima. Here's an idea of the categories we'll have:

Best of the Fest
Best Comedy
Best Drama
Best Action
Best Use of Genre
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Supporting Actor
Best Supporting Actress
Best Ensemble
Best VFX
Best Sound
Best Sound Design
Best Music
Best Cinematography
Best Costumes
Best Make-Up
Best Set Design
Best Teen Film
Best Fan Film
Best Machinima
Best 3D Animation
Best Fantasy
Best Horror
Indie Auteur Award
Audience Choice Award
The Judy Lawrence Memorial Award

No cash prizes will be awarded. We'll start off with winning laurels and certificates and hope to have trophies if there are enough funds.

All films must be 20 minutes or less.

As our name implies, we only accept films in the fantasy or sci-fi genres. We are not a horror festival, but there is certainly some cross-over. To that end, we have a horror category, as well. Feel free to submit your horror films.

You must own all the rights to your film and hold this festival harmless against any and all claims. Also, by submitting your film to our festival you give us permission to use stills or clips for promotional purposes, such as promo trailers, awards reels, web site images, etc.

Overall Rating
  • yves (bobie) Bommenel

    Glad to have my tiny poetic space opera in this huge selection. Thanks a lot, hurrah for the laureates. Take care of yourself.

    May 2020
  • Very professional festival with great communication. Amazing line up of films and respect for the filmmaker. Extremely worth submitting.

    May 2020
  • Scott Paterson

    A wonderful festival with a passion for science fiction and fantasy. I was so greatful to have my film "The Beacons of Gondor" show here and taking home an award! Thank you so much FantaSci Short Film Festival!

    May 2020
  • Tommy Mack

    Not just a great Sci-Fi/Fantasy fest, it's a great fest overall! Very professional, communicative, and cool to represent.

    May 2020
  • Xavier Baeyens

    This is a very nice and well-organized genre festival. I think all the winners appreciated the effort of the organizers for putting together the online award show in these difficult times.
    Thanks for having Mutti! Would definitely recommend genre filmmaker to check this fest out!

    May 2020