The Faith Family Academy Film Festival rewards PK-12th grade students who are inspired to go above and beyond traditional school requirements. They are driven to create and tell stories through the use of technology and collaboration. The Film Festival is open to all elementary, secondary, and high school students.

Faith Family Academy’s year-long, after-school program called Film Factory emphasizes filmmaking’s applicable, interdisciplinary blend of many technical and creative skills such as creative writing, drawing, photography, acting, music, and communication.

The Film Factory workshop fosters active participation through project-based learning. As students participate in the program, they learn how to write, direct, shoot, and edit their own short films, with completed films automatically entered for a chance to screen at the 9th Annual Faith Family Academy Film Festival.

Overall Rating
  • Max Shoham

    Thank you Faith Family! I was honoured to have the chance to show my film at your festival.

    June 2018
  • Antoine Bürcher

    Good festival but no information about the winners..

    May 2017
  • Nice Festival and venue; great atmosphere.

    May 2017