Fading Dream

Fading Dream follows the story of Eric, an emotionally troubled young man, who finds himself unable to let go of the past. The pains and regrets of a past experience with someone special in his life push him to come to terms with his past as he seeks to heal from within a series of dream sequences.

(A University of Alabama senior thesis project)

  • Nicholas Ferlisi
  • Nicholas Ferlisi
  • LauraBella Casciano
  • Forrest Caudill
    Key Cast
  • Cody Floyd
    Key Cast
    "The Lightwalker"
  • Emma Brown
    Key Cast
  • Garrison Floyd
    Director of Photography
  • Audrey Stephens
    Assistant Director
    Night of the Living Date
  • Nicholas Coker
    Night of the Living Date
  • Evan Hart
    Casting Director
  • Kolton Stephenson
    Assistant Camera
  • Isabel Langdale
    Assistant Camera
  • Kolton Stephenson
  • Isabel Langdale
  • Priscella Shreve
    Night of the Living Date
  • Cameron Hollenquest
    Production Assistant
  • Noah Haynes
    Production Assistant
  • Annabeth Mellon
    Location Scout/Manager
  • Audrey Stephens
    Script Supervisor
    Night of the Living Date
  • Project Type:
    Short, Student
  • Genres:
    Drama, Fantasy
  • Runtime:
    9 minutes 54 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    January 11, 2021
  • Production Budget:
    225 USD
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
  • Country of Filming:
    United States
  • Language:
  • Aspect Ratio:
    2.20:1, 16:9
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
    Yes - The University of Alabama
Director Biography - Nicholas Ferlisi

I’ve been involved in filmmaking and telling stories since 2015, always looking for the next big project to be a part of. With growing up in Birmingham, where the film community has grown exceptionally, I’ve gotten the chance to meet some great collaborators and continue to work with them to this day. One of my biggest starts was with the Sidewalk Film Festival’s Youth Board for two years, getting to see the amazing talents of young filmmakers in my hometown. For the most part, my positions in film have varied across many areas but have always wanted to make more efforts in directing and writing films. Within this close group of friends in film, we’ve made some exceptional and aspiring works that have only grown over the last 4 years. With each short film made there have been a couple of instances where a feature film has come into the picture. Currently finishing up my first feature film project with my group of collaborator friends from Birmingham, which will be exciting to see where that leads for future endeavors. I find myself drawn to films that tend be on the serious or dramatic side of things, but with each of those come with their own special takes on the stories associated with drama. At times, I do find myself taking on projects with a light approach. Throughout my time in college, the film program has given me the chance to make a variety of films, which I hope shows my willingness to be adventurous in the films I make. As a filmmaker, I want to have my own takes on certain genres of film, while at the same time create something bold that pushes me to get even more creative.

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Director Statement

As a filmmaker, I’m fascinated with the creative ability of individuals to tell stories, build worlds and create characters that go beyond anyone’s imagination. The world of film pushes both the boundaries of reality and fiction, constantly pushing us to get a better understanding of things. It’s with all of this a filmmaker serves as the person in the middle, the one who lives and breathes in both of these concepts. While we always know deep down that many of the elements, such as the story, are indeed a work of fiction but it’s important to note that somewhere in all of the mix lies a root in reality. Another way to say it is that something very real and impactful in the reality of a filmmaker helped to create an imaginative piece of work. When it came to Fading Dream, I chose to make this film because it was something I needed to do for myself as it’s one of the first steps needed to heal. In the processes of writing the script for the film was most challenging due to multiple outside events that effected my life very emotionally to point where I almost didn’t want to make anything at all. Yet as some time passed, I began to see that Fading Dream was the film that I could let out all the emotion I’m feeling in a creative and constructive way, which was also aided by some of the most wonderful support any aspiring filmmaker could ask for in times like these. As audiences watch this film, one of the most important things to understand her is that the first steps needed to work towards healing have to be from yourself the individual. It all starts with you and ends with you, only the effort and acceptance from yourself can you begin to make things better. It’s in instances like this one where the filmmaker is the so-called “middle”, the person that stands between the realms of fiction and reality. An important event or two in my life led me to creating a film that takes a character on an emotional journey between the real and the imaginary in order to better understand themselves. I wanted to take an interesting approach to mind of an individual troubled by their emotions and thoughts. Distinguishing certain elements with color (lighting & grading), music, and on-camera effects. We want to tell a story that will do many things, but perhaps the biggest action we as filmmakers want to do with our stories is to attempt at creating a meaningful work of art.