Framing The Needle Film Festival is an independent event organized by film lovers to promote filmmaking in Sverdlovsk region. We seek for a good story and articism to involve our wide audience into the great field of short moviemaking.

The mission of FTNFF is to find a thin line between Dark and Light cinema in order to erase it and enjoy moviemaking at its finest from both sides of a director's mind. Event Programme will be divided into two parts (Dark and Light Short Films) and judged for all presented criteria.

Festival accepts only feature shorts, fictional or related to fantasy genres. All films must be from 5 to 15 minutes long.

*PLEASE NOTE that our team remains NON-POLITICAL and reminds all of you that art of moviemaking UNITES everyone!

A laurel for all "Official Selection" will be awarded for all films short-listed. Every winner in the following categories will be awarded with "Winner" laureals, diplomas and presents from our partners

- Best Dark Short Film
- Best Light Short Film
- Best Director
- Best Artistic Performance
- Best Screenplay
- Best Poster

Your work will be judged by moviemaking professionals. After the physical screenings - 29th of April - we will send notification to all winners via e-mail or Instagram. The decision of the Jury will be unquestionable and no prize could be declared vacant.

1. All filmmakers/applicants hereby accept the following Rules and Terms of Framing The Needle Film Festival (next, FTNFF).

2. All films must be fictional or related to fantasy genres: Fantasy, Thriller, Drama, Science-Fiction, Action, Adventure etc. according to the categories. All documentary; musical; experimental films will be disallowed before the end of registration.

3. We only accept online registrations and submissions to be assessed. We accept films in any language with English or Russian subtitles (If the film originally in Russian, subtitles is not compulsory). The film must be from 5 to 15 minutes long. One author may submit up to 2 works (If author sends more than two works, all films of this person will be disallowed)

4. Registration to the Festival has a variable cost and will depend on the date in which the work is sent. All charges are listed on FTNFF FilmFreeway page.

5. The person submitting a film to FTNFF agrees that his/her film will be screened, if it is selected.

6. We only accept films that have been produced after 1st January 2021.

7. How to Submit
• Complete and submit Your online submission form via FilmFreeway.
• You will receive e-mail confirmation of Your successful registration.

8. All films will be accepted and assessed with the view to screening them at a FTNFF. All films which become Officialy Selectied in categories Dark Short Film and Light Short Film will be asked to provide following materials in order to be screened on the physical venue: Digital Cinema Package (DCP) or a HD-File; three stills; posters; *srt subtitles on English or Russian languges. Films which become Officialy Selectied in categories Screenplay Contest and Poster Contest will be asked to provide following materials in order to have a chance to be awarded with a winning prize: Screenplay (Screenplay Contest); high resolution poster (Poster Contest).

9. The materials selected to participate and also those that will be exhibited within the
Festival's informative sections will be announced on the event's website and social networks.

10. The Festival will grant the following prizes:
- Best Dark Short Film
- Best Light Short Film
- Best Director
- Best Artistic Performance
- Best Screenplay
- Best Poster

11. Committee of Jury will be designated by the FTNFF Direction.

12. We undertake to make every effort to adhere to the published schedule program, however, FTNFF reserves the right to alter this schedule and venue at any time for any reason. FTNFF does not accept any liability for any costs claimed to arise as a result of a change in the scheduling.

13. Awards will be presented via online (e-mail notification and Instagram) after the live event. All decisions are final.

14. By submitting a film, You grant us the right to screen Your film at RSVPU, The Cultural and Educational Centre, copy and/or reproduce, modify, adapt and any part thereof, up to one minute of the film submission.

15. You own the copyright to Your film and your script/screenplay as its author and represent and warrant that You have (and will continue to have during the duration of FTNFF and thereafter) all necessary licenses, rights, consents, and permissions we need to use Your film and You will provide evidence of such on our reasonable request.

16. We accept no responsibility for any damage, loss, liabilities, injury or disappointment incurred or suffered by any person as a result of submitting a film to FTNFF and its curation.

17. Works of a low quality sound and image, containing profanity or a pronounced aggressive character, as well as calls for extremism, xenophobia and other illegal actions established by the legislation of the Russian Federation, are not accepted for consideration.

Feel free to contact us for additional information:

Overall Rating
  • Great Festival, wanderful communication 🎉 Thank you so much for the Best Screenplay award of our film JUST LIKE WATER 🏆 Warm greetings from Greece 🇬🇷

    May 2023
  • We are so glad that our film "The other land" received "honorable Mention" in your amazing festival! thank you so much! best

    May 2023
  • Всеволод Савинов

    Thank you for choosing our film as an Honourable Mention! Great to be part of this festival and watch our movie In Dream - Reverie, in Reverie - Freedom live on screen.

    January 2023