Here we go again for a new 4th edition of the French Riviera Motorcycle Film Festival. Initially planned for February 2021, the Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to postpone the festival which will therefore take place on February 18/19/20, 2022.

Whether it's sport, adventure, speed, off-road, motorbike is and remains a formidable vector of freedom. With this Festival, we want to share our passion by sharing cinematographic works by amateurs and professionals from all continents. Every day, in all countries of the world, motorcycles passionate filmmakers invent and produce documentaries, fictions, short films or feature films that do not have the possibility or the means to be broadcasted to a wide audience. I invite you, along with the entire Festival team, to watch a selection of films about motorcycle from around the world, in February or March 2021 (because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are not yet able to give you the exact dates for the next edition - the dates indicated are therefore provisional), during the fourth edition of the "French Riviera Motorcycle Film Festival".

The spirit of the Festival is that of the motorcycle, it is an exchange. Of course you will see beautiful cinematographic achievements in a field that is dear to you, but you will mostly meet filmmakers with whom you will be able to exchange and dialogue. As a director, I have already participated in several Festivals but what interests me the most, those are not the rewards (that I did not have - ha ha), but it is to speak passion and technique, both in the field of motorcycle and cinema. The French Riviera Motorcycle Film Festival was originally conceived with this desire and you will see that after each screening, question and answer sessions with actors and / or directors are planed.

You will also be able to meet personalities from the motorcycle world who will be our guests. In the same way that you can do with the filmmakers who do us the honor to present their films, we will circulate the microphones among the spectators and you will finally be able to exchange as you have never done with these great actors of the motorcycle world.

- Best long movie award
- Best short movie award
- Audience award

We may expand the prizes to split out narrative, documentary and experimental films depending on the number of submissions received.

When you submit your film, you will choose which category you wish to classify it under. Award titles and prizes are subject to change. You are responsible for any fees associated with shipping and handling of the awards and prizes to you.


IMPORTANT : These "rules & conditions" are an automatic Google translation from french to english.


ARTICLE 1: Definition
The FRENCH RIVIERA MOTORCYCLE FILM FESTIVAL consists of selections of short films (fiction and documentary films) of less than thirty minutes and feature films (fiction and documentary films) of over thirty minutes. This festival is organized by the association FRMFF, non-profit association of the law of 1901.

For more information:
Phone: +33 (0)

The FRENCH RIVIERA MOTORCYCLE FILM FESTIVAL is devoted to meetings between spectators and professionals and enthusiasts of cinema and motorcycle, associations, companies, foundations, etc., on the theme of motorcycling in all its forms.

ARTICLE 2: Publishing
The FRENCH RIVIERA MOTORCYCLE FILM FESTIVAL takes place every year in Nice and in the participating cities.

ARTICLE 3: Entry requirements
- The films must be inscribed by one of the film's beneficiaries (directors, producers, distributors).
- Programming and competition are open to all countries and all languages.
- Short films offered in competition, regardless of category, must last less than 45 minutes, movie credits included.
- Feature films in competition, regardless of category, must last more than 45 minutes, movie credits included.

• Subtitles for the proposed films:
- French and English films can be provided without subtitles.
- Films in another language must be subtitled in English OR French

• Subtitles for selected films:
- Films in French must be subtitled in English if they are selected. Failure to comply with this rule would result in the film being withdrawn from the selection.
- Films in English must be subtitled in French if selected. Failure to comply with this rule would result in the film being withdrawn from the selection.
- films in a language other than French or English, must be subtitled in French AND English if selected. Failure to comply with this rule would result in the film being withdrawn from the selection.
- An offer of subtitling in French for international films will be offered via the Festival's website at a particularly attractive price for films selected by the Selection Committee.

• Support:
- It is the candidate's responsibility to ensure that the films submitted are in perfect reading condition for the selection committee.
- For applications only, the festival accepts links to a site where the film is visible (YouTube, DailyMotion or Vimeo).
- For the selected films, the candidates must return their film in MOV or MP4 or DCP format in HD 1920x1080. Such referral must be made within 30 days of the date of the selection committee's response. Failure to do so would result in the film being withdrawn from the selection.

The rules and the registration form are available on the official website of the festival in the tab "Participate".
Entries are subject to a fee and are open from 15 June to 15 November 2017 inclusive via the website Registration via FilmFreeway is MANDATORY and no other registration channel will be possible. The registration fees collected remain the property of the Festival itself for films not selected.
After reading the rules, candidates must return by e-mail:
- a viewing link of the proposed film via the YouTube, DailyMotion or Vimeo platforms.

And by mail:
- the registration form completed and signed,
- the rules of the festival initialed and signed

Documents should be sent to the following address:
Olivier Wagner
60, avenue Alfred Borriglione
06100 NICE

Candidates should also send the following information by e-mail to the mail address

- three photos of the film and a photo of the director (tiff or jpeg format / 300 dpi resolution),
- a short biography of the director (about 5 lines).

NB1: A single director can propose several films. It is possible to group them on the same DVD media or send online Wetransfer. In this case, a separate registration form for each film is requested.

NB2: Postal charges are the responsibility of the candidate.

NB3: Works not chosen for the selections defined in Article 4 may be invited by the festival organizers to be screened out of competition.
The registration of a film entails the tacit authorization for a period of one year for the benefit of the Association FRMFF to publish and to disseminate in its supports, in particular printed programs, website, files of presentation ... elements , Images, texts ...) taken from the film for its promotion as well as all the information provided by the participants, including their photo, the photos taken from the film, unless stipulated otherwise in writing received not later than one month before The beginning of the Festival.
The Participant guarantees to have the rights of all natures relative to the film, all the elements and the photographic photographs that it will have addressed and guarantees the Association against any recourse of third parties on this subject.

ARTICLE 4: Selection
A selection committee will view the candidates' works in order to establish the official selection. The list of selected films will be announced on the festival website after the participants have been notified by e-mail.

The films selected for the FRENCH RIVIERA MOTORCYCLE FILM FESTIVAL will be classified in one of the following categories:

- 4 films selected for feature films (or more if possible)
- 5 films selected for short films (or more if possible)

This selection can be increased in number and extended to other categorizations (documentary, fiction, animated film, etc.) according to the number of films received. All movie themes are acceptable provided they speak and deal with the domain or spirit of the motorcycle.

The artistic direction of the festival decides sovereignly the selection and the sections in which the films will be programmed.

ARTICLE 5: Permission to broadcast films.
Registration for the FRENCH RIVIERA MOTORCYCLE FILM FESTIVAL gives an authorization to screen a selected and selected film in French screening rooms. This film may be screened in the following frame: 3 (three) maximum screenings in the 3 (three) years following its selection.

Successful applicants also give up the right to reproduce images or extracts of the film (s) selected for distribution on the festival website and its communication media. The FRENCH RIVIERA MOTORCYCLE FILM FESTIVAL declines all responsibility in case of borrowing by third parties of images or music of the selected films. Any material sent will not be returned and will be kept in the archives of the FRENCH RIVIERA MOTORCYCLE FILM FESTIVAL.

The FRENCH RIVIERA MOTORCYCLE FILM FESTIVAL is responsible for settling cases not provided for in the regulations and granting any derogations to the above provisions on express and reasoned request.

ARTICLE 6: Jury and Prizes
The jury will be composed of professionals of the motorcycle and / or cinema, culture and audiovisual, invited by the FRENCH RIVIERA MOTORCYCLE FILM FESTIVAL.

The following prizes will be awarded:

- Award for Best Short Film
- Award for Best Feature Film
- Audience Award

Other awards (ie: best fiction, best scenario, etc.) could be decided depending on the number of movies received by the selection committee.

ARTICLE 7: Expenses of mouth, transport and accommodation.
The organization does not take into account the costs of mouth, transport and lodging for people going to the FRENCH RIVIERA MOTORCYCLE FILM FESTIVAL and wishing to participate or present a film, even if this film is selected.

ARTICLE 8: Disputes.
In case of dispute, the only competent court will be that on which the FRENCH RIVIERA MOTORCYCLE FILM FESTIVAL in France depends.

Any application to the FRENCH RIVIERA MOTORCYCLE FILM FESTIVAL, implies the acceptance of these rules.

Overall Rating
  • This is a GREAT film festival for the motorcycle community world wide that we HIGHLY recommend. We had the best time in Nice and were treated so well. The respect that they give the films that they select is unrivaled - with a world class jury and theater where the films are screened. The audience and festival goers REALLY show a love and understanding of cinema and for motorcycles. ALL of the films that were selected were top notch. It was a great honor for us to have been selected for this festival and to be able to attend. This was the last festival for us on our film festival run and we just couldn't have picked a better way to end it. Olivier, the man behind this festival, is doing a world class job. There were lunches and dinners offered and talk backs after all of the screenings - even via Skype for the filmmakers that couldn't attend. I suspect that this will become a major stop on the motorcycle film festival circuit in the years to come as word spreads about it. We wish Olivier so much continued success with this one and we are very excited to see this festival grow in the coming years.

    March 2020
  • Thomas Campbell

    It was a real honor to be part of the French Riviera Motorcycle film festival in 2019. This is a authentic group of Moto Cineastes and the films were exceptional - covering motorcycle competitions, narratives and historical docs - all with outstanding personalities and stories to tell! Though I need to brush up on my French everyone made me feel welcome and - it was a really well organized festival filled with discovery and great storytelling. Special thanks to Olivier Wagner, the festival director, who was supportive and helpful from the moment my film was accepted to the long goodbyes!
    Thomas W. Campbell

    March 2019
    Response from festival:

    Having you, here at the festival, was a real pleasure. ;)

  • My film "The Monkey and Her Driver" was selected for the inaugural festival in 2018 and we flew over to participate and meet everyone who made this fantastic festival possible. Highlight was meeting and spending time with Freddie Spencer and seeing all the fantastic films. Get your films ready for the next'll love it!

    March 2018
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Ned. Our only regret is that your next movie won't be about motorcycle. It would be so great to have one of your movie again in competition and it was such a so great pleasure to meet you and Michele. For sure, we'll come someday in Portland to see you again ;)