Take one band and buy ether
Nft all in your speakers

I just need reason to smoke reefer
Stand I don’t do refunds

Not up for discussion
money is a topic

anywhere there’s a plug
Im a socket
Power in my pocket

Oh my god what to Virgil
Oh yeah
engineer, architect, Virgil.

Drape you out in Louis, Virgil.

She deserve. X2
Gucci.Valentino purses

Keep those dead flowers.
I got a, rose for the I rank

Rose up in rank
nTatted Granny name

4 rose Mary tatum
A Rose I never gave

died b4 I was alive
didn’t leave till I ready
Bout the same time she told mama she was pregnant

Bout to pop she in college and I’m soaking it up with her
Last Child not the baby now
MAMAS baby

N she good cause I make sure they respect it
See he brought the baddest
I can’t fall out with my daddy

Cause we ain’t No hoes
And I ain’t gone have it

I’m Doing all the thinking
Thank me with a payment

I invest in FREETREEz
Never have to run up in a bank

i can Weld, I can break in safe in a safe

Cant even reveal the rank ,
But they
in position

N if this my wave
I'm captain with a shipment

A captain to lieutenants

Got crypto and it’s cryptic
Come enter the matrix yea.

Architect engineer I’m Virgil
I could put you in the Louis like Virgil

  • Julius Tatum II
  • Tommy FrankLiN
  • i Am Precise PresTiGe
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  • Tommy T
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  • Project Type:
    Student, Song
  • Length:
    2 minutes 10 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    April 27, 2023
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
  • Language:
  • Student Project:
Artist Biography

Precise has not stopped writing lyrics since 5 years old.
*Remembering; "..writing on his uncle's Legal Pad, his first song compilation (a collection of run-on-sentences, that did not rhyme)
*..Performing what he had been working on for his older cousin; an, "Ass-Whipping (yr.1997..from father) immediately followed the 'curse-word-thesaurus' Precise had since created.

*..Thus, if his PoPs was disappointed enough to give his son a needed "#Straightenin',"
..And, began his ForWard Journey; life-style of DamNation in a whole 'nother language.

Stay informed for #precisePrestige's redemption in the Arabic Tongue.
IG: @gguCci_VaLeNTiNo

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Artist Statement

.."I must have been cool enough to be a "'Migo," yet not old enough to know any slang/curse words in Spanish..smh..these were my inGenius childhood thoughts.., "I am wise enough to replace cursing with a parable or an ironic lyrical-lucid metaphor."