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FREDDY LONGO: Meran - Hollywood One Way Only

Freddy Longo: writer, photographer, poet... born in Merano, a globe-trotter by choice, he is now in the autumn of his life. A life lived at exhilarating speeds amidst cinema, art, travels, collecting, society, family, and study. Within the domestic walls, not large enough to contain his boldness, surrounded by the many mementos gathered over the course of a too brief life and meticulously placed on the dusty surfaces of his house-museum; he appears sometimes overwhelmed, sometimes invigorated by the powerful emanation of these same objects. Through them, he nostalgically and contentedly recalls his past, adventures, encounters; his passion for the great cinema and its stars: Marilyn and Gina Lollobrigida. Fatigued but not afflicted by "a little big heart attack and other ailments," as he calls them, he wants to get back on track. To publish a new novel dedicated to his greatest passion, Cinema, and pursue the latest wild dream. To set sail... But the journey given to us is entirely imaginary. Destination? Hollywooood!

  • Antonio Dellavedova
  • KinaPix
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    FREDDY LONGO: Merano - Hollywood Sola Andata
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    35 minutes
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Director Biography - Antonio Dellavedova

Born and raised in Milan, he lived a dull and uneventful life until he came of age and decided to make up for his lack of adventure through cinema. During university (which he passed with maximum results and minimum effort), instead of attending classes, he went to films at the nearby film cinémathèque, where he was later employed as an archivist. Here, he had the chance to work with different film formats and create small shorts. However, disappointed with the management, he quit and went to Africa, where he made his first failed film. Later, he decided to apply to ZeLIG. He has worked as an assistant director, sound technician, and prop master in feature films, shorts, and commercials. In 2022 his latest film has been released in several minor international festivals under the title: L'Interruttore.

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Director Statement

Every day I must ask myself why I make films. The answers change slightly from time to time. What's important is to ask the question. Today I would say that it is the only thing I can do and I want to do to earn my living; it is too late, and I am barely able to do anything else.