The Formia Film Festival is an International Cinema Festival created by Daniele Urciuolo, which aims to promote local, national and international cinema, with the aim of strengthening the link between the territory and the seventh art, both from the point Of artistic-cultural viewpoint both from the strategic economic flywheel of the sector.

The Festival is an event that aims to enhance Cinema in the various forms and to promote its knowledge of the public.

24 - 26 MAY 2019

The awards , for work in competition, will be cash prize: first place 300 euro.

Winners are requested to insert in the opening credits of the works awarded the logo of this Festival, along with the prize awarded. Prizes will be awarded to the authors or their representatives who will ensure its participation in the award ceremony.

The Organization of the Festival will grant special rates to all directors and cast rewarded (or persons authorized) who will attend the awards ceremony at the facilities affiliated with the Festival.

Proposing a work to the Festival, the candidate assumes the responsibilities of owning rights and authorizes the Festival to record in its records and to submit a technical and artistic collaborators.

The Festival accepts no responsibility for the reproduction of audiovisual containing material covered by copyright for which the position has not been regularized SIAE. Adherence to participate in the competition implies full acceptance of the rules. Possible cases and / or disputes not covered by this regulation, is the competent organization of the Festival.

Finally, the organization of the Festival reserves the right to, if necessary, any amendments to these regulations without prior notice.

The application to the Competition FORMIA FILM FESTIVAL 2019 implies the full acceptance by the author of this announcement.

All Premiums will be announced after the bando expires on

24 - 26 MAY 2019

The call is intended to:

1) ITALIAN SHORT FILMS CATEGORY: Italian short films (with subtitles in Italian or english) lasting up to 20 minutes (titles included). FREE theme.

2) INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILMS CATEGORY: International short films (with subtitles in Italian or english) lasting up to 20 minutes (titles included). FREE theme.


Every candidate must provide the email address NO LATER THAN the 25th of March 2019:
a) The application form (attached to the Notice) to be completed in its entirety;
b) sending of its Opera via YouTube (via private link), Vimeo (via links with private password) or Dropbox (via shared folder);
c) sending their information pack includes the following material:
- At least 3 photos of the work (b & w or color) and a director, for which the rights for free;
- Bio-filmography of the director;
- List cast and crew;
- Synopsis of the work (in Italian or English);
- Other (trailers, press kit, poster / and press review, scene photos, etc.).

The works that will be selected, will necessarily have to be sent by mail to the Festival organizing Secretary in the various screening formats accepted: File DVD, Digital Cinema Package (DCP - ONLY FOR FILMS). As for other media, exceptionally, the Festival reserves the right to decide, on the basis of operational requirements, to transfer them in a "normal ingest" way to an hard drive.

Shipping costs are paid by the sender.

The Festival is not responsible for packages arriving damaged and/or late, or for packages theft or lost independently of the Festival control. The media will not be returned, and will be stored into the film library of the Festival.

The candidate can send only once their work. All works proposed for the Festival will be reviewed by the Artistic Director, who will be assisted in the technical jury will identify the works "in competition" and will award prizes Special, the final decision.

All applicants will be notified by e-mail on the results of the selection, which will be published on the site anyway

The opinions emerged from the votes of the Technical Jury are final.

The works presented may be projected to the public in the manner and the program will be the sole responsibility of the Organizing Committee.