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An adopted man was struggling just to survive, until he stuck Millions. Just before that him and his friend went threw up’s and downs swindling their way out of harms way with rival gangs, street hustlers and thugs. All because they were selling them janky stuff and taking off with their hard earned street Money. They are smart but do stupid things that makes it hard for them to live in the community. Candy the mother of the of the quick buck kid, gets tired of bailing her son and his friend out of trouble. Comes up with a revelation sent from God. She Needs a man to comfort, make her happy, and get the word on her baby boy. SO she always brings a man home and says god sent me this man. We in Love...! Stacy a wanna be player always looking for a girl friend. Kind of good Looking can sure find him self in a mess with the women he choose to mess with. The truth is he want to prove something but is Lame.

All together they are a tuff bunch of family and Friends...! Rival gangs want their money back, they got the city on lock, but end up looking stupid once the finester is done with them.
Until one day all they all they life change and some one ends up with money stacked on money. Im talking about I got a Butler money!

  • John J. Smith
  • Johnt'e Smith
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Writer Biography - John J. Smith , Johnt'e Smith

John J. Smith fell in love with the entertainment business in his earlier child hood. Music, television, educational shows kept him busy. From Hip Hop, R&B, county and gospel he heard a positive message in things that moved his soul. Growing up in the nineties television shows caught everyone attention comedy was his favorite to watch, Smith also enjoyed drama and action with so many iconic artist, actors, producers, directors comedians, I will say it just happened to be one of the many talents he has. Some where between 1999 til 2002 he started rapping on lunch breaks and recess with other children at his school. By the 6th grade a local producer and Hip Hop artist started to develop a rap group John was one of the artist by the 7th grade he was writing verses and learned how to count bars. At the end of the 7th grade they entered a talent show just to show case there talent. They were trained on how to in gage with the Audience vocal breathing techniques stage presences they practiced every night it was a successful show that night they recorded 3 songs. Due to confusing in the group and the producer the group broke up. J. Stayed connected with the producer even though he never got a chance to record again he kept writing and rapping when ever he could. Fast forward after graduating high school he wanted to Pursue a career in the music and television industry. A couple years after high school he enrolled in Extreme Institute by Nelly and graduated when no one believed in him. Now he holds an associated degree in Audio Engineering, he is looking to continue to learn more about the industry and technology and is seeking an opportunity in the future.

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Im here to educate for decades to come, to provide happy moments and memories that will live a life Time to those who fill connected to television and Entertainment. Following in the foot steps of the Best African American, Actors, Directors, CEO'S, Presidents, Educators, and more. Im hear to speak voices of all our people who want to be something and do something having important having Equality giving a fair chance, having a shoulder you can lean on when we need words of encouragement. To make us better people everyday and to live to make us learn from one another and to appreciate each other to have Love and Respect for one another.

This is my Writer Statement!