Networking, special guests, one-of-a-kind awards by Shadowleaf Joyce, live music, workshops, and of course showing your film in the best venues we have to offer have been staples in the F.L.Y. film festival.

This year we have new guests, new judges, new challenges. We are introducing table-readings for excerpts from nominated scripts, encore performances of the winning movies on Sunday, and more. These are just some of the perks we are organizing for 2017. Come see why F.L.Y. is for Films Like Yours.

Awards & Prizes

Best Feature Length Film

Best Short Film

Best Oklahoma Feature Length

Best Oklahoma Short Film

Best Screenplay - the Maxine Austin Award

Best Male Actor, Feature Length Film

Best Female Actor, Feature Length Film

Best Young Actor

Best Male Actor in a Short Film

Best Female Actor in a Short Film

Best Documentary

Additional special awards may be given.

Winners will receive a one-of-a-kind trophy, designed by artists Shadowleaf Joyce. Winning Feature, Short, and Documentary will be shown after award ceremony on Sunday.

Rules & Terms

2017 F.L.Y. Film Festival
Rules and Regulations

Submissions forms must be completed with current phone, email, and mailing address information. Incomplete information will cause your project to be removed from consideration.
Each filmmaker with a project that has been accepted to this year’s festival will receive 2 Three Day Passes to the event.
By submitting an entry, you agree to hold F.L.Y. Film Festival staff and volunteers, associated businesses, organizations, and sponsors harmless from all claims and liabilities connected with your participation and/or entry into the festival.
Entrants retain all rights to films and screenplays (as well as associated publicity materials).
Submitting your project grants permission to F.L.Y. Film Festival organizers to use clips from movies and publicity materials for promotions for festival and films on tv, radio, print, website, and social media.
F.L.Y. Film Festival reserves the right to reject any submission.
Submission Fees will not be refunded for any reason.
You will be notified if your film has been accepted and has a scheduled screening time. F.L.Y. organizers will make final decisions on screening.

I. Any film made after January 1, 2012 is eligible as long as they follow all other rules & regulations.
2. Films that have aired on US television prior to the festival or are currently commercially available for purchase or viewing are not eligible.
3. Film-makers must have all rights associated to their project to enter or exhibit their film. This includes rights to any audio or visual materials used in the film or with promotional materials.
4. Films containing graphic violence towards children or animals, scenes of explicit sexual content (considered pornographic) or films that promote violence towards or against any group (political, racial, sexuality, etc.) will not be shown at the festival and may not be considered for awards. If you have questions about your film’s content, please contact F.L.Y. Film Festival coordinators at
5. F.L.Y. Film Festival reserves the right to reject any submission for any reason at any time.

1. Feature Length - 59 minutes or longer
2. Short - Under 59 Minutes
3. Oklahoma Feature / Short - Must have been produced IN Oklahoma.
4. Best Young Actor - 17 years old or younger

1. Online

Submit your film online at
Follow all instructions and rules. Fill out forms completely and accurately.
Make sure that you provide any passwords needed for judge’s viewing.

2. Multiple submissions are allowed but must be entered individually. Each film requires its own completed entry.
3. The submitting party must be either the producer or director of the film or author of the screenplay.
4. All entries must be in English or contain English subtitles.
5. Submitted projects should not exceed 2 hours (120 minutes) in length, not including closing credits. Films that include scenes during the closing credits that continue the film’s narrative will be counted towards the total running time.

If notified of acceptance into festival, make sure you provide 2 blu-ray or dvd copies of your project, labeled with Title of Film, Length, and submitting party

Films must be on a NTSC formatted disc (Region 0 or 1)
DVD’s and printed submissions may be mailed to:

FLY Film Festival
2017 Buggywhip Lane
Enid, OK 73703

Thank you for your interest in FLY Film Festival!!!!

10 Reviews

Overall Rating
  • false
    James Carroll

    It was a great honor to be nominated in this festival. Thanks.

    September 2017
  • false
    Ethan Norvell

    This is a great festival; made one or two decent connections here. I would recommend going on the busiest day (Saturday), cause there were maybe 20 people at the awards ceremony on Sunday. They respect you well as a filmmaker so it's worth your time if you live nearby.

    August 2017
  • false
    Kyle Kleinecke

    The festival organizers are awesome! Great communication and good networking opportunities. My wife and I had a blast attending!

    August 2017
  • false
    Pedro Jaen R.

    Very good festival! Interesting content. You help greatly to promote new films and authors.

    August 2017
  • false
    Eddie Caiazzo

    This was my second FLY appearance, and there was a greater number of attendees, submissions and very informative workshops. I plan on attending this year, whether I have a film running in it or not.

    March 2017