Film Fest Tucson is set to discover and deliver your winning film or TV idea to Hollywood, as you join a top executive producer at lunch in Beverly Hills with an extra thousand bucks in your pocket to boot!

Submit your Film or TV pitch to Film Fest Tucson’s Desert Pitch Competition. The Top 10 projects selected will be invited for a one-day intensive (two part) pitch event where you’ll be rubbing elbows with industry veterans on the panel, as you make your pitch. The top 5 chosen will advance to the finals taking place only hours later, but not before receiving some strategic pitch coaching from a producer and professional pitch writer, Scott Manville, on the spot. Also in attendance will be representatives from the Desert Angels, a Tucson venture capital group.

Winner Receives:
●  $1,000.00 Cash

●  A one-on-one lunch meeting in Beverly Hills with Robert Kosberg, Executive Producer (“Twelve Monkeys” Brad Pitt / Bruce Willis & “The Hardy Men” Tom Cruise / Ben Stiller). Considered by former Paramount Pictures CEO, Sherry Lansing, as being “the best pitch man in town,” Mr. Kosberg holds production term deals at all major studios, and Film Fest Tucson is providing him a first look at your winning pitch. This lunch is sure to be a master-class conversation on pitching, the pulse of Hollywood at hand, and is certain to deliver a great connection for your career.
●  An invitation to a Desert Angels Screening Committee meeting to further pitch your idea to local funders.

Top Ten Finalists will receive:

• One complimentary Festival Pass for FFT 2018.
(finalists will be responsible for their own lodging and travel.)
●  Final Draft 10 Software ($249 value)

●  1 Year Free Membership & Pitch Listing at ($249 value)

By entering your pitch at this year’s event at FFT 2018, You agree to the terms listed below: 

"I am submitting original written concepts ("Pitch") with the intent of exposure and submission to entertainment industry executives ("pitch jury") involved in Film Fest Tucson (FFT) Desert Pitch event. I understand and agree that only original and unique expressions of a story and/or concepts may be protected under intellectual property (IP) law. I acknowledge that I have requested permission to disclose and submit to FFT, and its jury certain details that may or may not be protected under such laws, and it is my own responsibility to seek protection prior to exposure of my pitch by registering those materials with the Writers Guild of America ( ).

I understand that within the creative community of the entertainment industry it is common for similar or identical stories or concepts to be created by multiple entities unknowingly, without collaboration between them. I understand and hold harmless of liability FFT and its jury for any prior or subsequent collaborations or productions involving similar or identical stories or concepts unrelated to my disclosure of my pitch and participation in the event.

I acknowledge that any discussions I may have with any third party as a result my participation in the FFT Desert Pitch event does not constitute any agreement, expressed or implied, as to any actual acquisition of my proposed project, which I am hereby disclosing to you.

I understand and agree that the Film Fest Tucson retains the right to publicize and promote any success I gain through the option, sale, development, acquisition, or any deal either formal or informal as a result of my participation in the Event."

Overall Rating
  • false
    Tracey Maye

    What an amazing experience. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

    October 2017
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    alan williams

    The Desert Pitchfest was a fantastic opportunity. I was absolutely shocked and honored that I got through to the final round and learned so much from the panel's feedback of not only my project but the other submissions, also. Great venue, very well organized and I left smarter than when I got there, so, it was a success!

    October 2017
  • What a fun, organized, well supported, and enlightening event! Thanks for the opportunity. Hearing the assortment of pitches was fantastic! I look forward to next year.

    October 2017