The FITV Film Festival is a student-run competition that is focused on incorporating the Florida Tech student body, together with the city of Melbourne, FL, in the art of filmmaking.

This event consists of content creators at Florida Tech, the Melbourne area, and the general public who feel a need to create and express themselves through film. Here, we give people the opportunity to show their films to a public audience. These films are showcased publicly at Florida Tech's campus with free admission to all. Winners will be chosen, according to the category guidelines, by our judges.

The 2021 FITV Film Festival will comprise of 7 awards across 2 classes. The winner of each award will be given a commemorative award, and tentatively an additional prize/gift.

The award categories are as follows:

Best Picture - awarded to the film that demonstrates and exemplifies the best overall film production.

Best Director - awarded to the individual who demonstrates outstanding direction for the overall vision of their film.

Best Acting - awarded to the individual whose performance, and overall portrayal of his or her character, truly stands out and connects with the audience.

Best Cinematography - awarded to the film team/individual whose artistic expression and aesthetic adds an element of, not only beauty, but creativity to the film's story.

Best Screenplay - awarded to the individual, or group of individuals, whose screenplay best defines each element of a story, while enticing the audience from start to finish.

Best Editing - awarded to the individual, or group of individuals, who assembles, mixes, and cuts their film in a seamless manner that maintains a flawless film experience.

Best Sound - awarded to the individual, or group of individuals, who creates the best soundscape

A note on the judging and awards process:

Firstly, student and non-student films will be judged separately in their own submission class. This means that there will be two sets of awards; one for students and one for non-students.

Secondly, all submitted films will be judged by our student panel; who will individually select the two best films in each award category. Out of that pool, the top three from each category will be selected as finalists. The finalists will then be sent to our staff & faculty panel where the winners will be determined.

1. All submissions are due by Friday, March 5th, 2021 at 11:59pm (23:59 EST).

2. Productions that have already been submitted in previous editions of the festival will not be accepted.

3. Any production submitted must not be older than three years.

4. All submitted productions must be finished and reach the minimum technical standard to be accepted (1080p, H.264, has to match synopsis, etc.). Note: The venue screen is not physically large enough for any ultra wide screen aspect ratios.

5. All submissions MUST be accompanied with a synopsis up to 250 words. Failure to do so is an instant disqualification.

6. Subtitles are optional, though recommended for any non-English films. Exceptions may be made on request.

7. Nudity, extreme violence, and extreme audio are not allowed. Any questions regarding the material in one’s film will be directed to Content warnings are required if your film discusses sensitive subject matter or contains seizure inducing imagery.

8. Submitting your film allows FITV to publicly display it.

9. To be awarded a prize it is necessary to provide a shipping or mailing address.

10. All submissions must be in compliance with the copyright laws of your jurisdiction.

11. No refunds

Overall Rating
  • Arturo Dueñas Herrero

    It has been an honor to participate in the FITV Film Festival, and that our film ANAGNORISIS has been seen by such a select audience, and has won so many awards. The entire film team is thrilled.
    I appreciate the gesture of the gifts for the awards in the different categories. It will be a pleasure to send our next works to future editions of the festival, to which we wish a great and long future!

    April 2021