FIC is an international short film festival for middle and high school students who want their cinematic talent to be shown in the big screen. You make a short, we make it travel.

Scholarships, tablets, filming equipment, workshops and cash. We have a national short film festival (Ecuador) that awards 14 categories and a single international short award.

1. Shorts must be completely made by school students (middle or High School). This includes script, acting, cinematography, edition, production, audio/music and direction.
2. The genre and themes of the short are free. However, FIC can ban any work that presents images, insults or direct offenses towards religion, race or genre.
3. The language must be spanish. In case it isn't, subtitles must be included.
4. Short must be 720p or 1080p and .mov
5. Shorts must be max. 10 minutes long. This doesn't include credits.
6. Every short must have credits that indicate the crew, the cast and the school that it belongs to.