FIC·PUEBLA -International Film Festival- aims to motivate professional independent cinema on its creation and content, in order to bring together the creators with the audience.

FIC PUEBLA has different platforms that promote social development and empowerment of the communities through film:

- FIC·PUEBLA brings cinema to the jail, orphans, hospitals, and unusual places.
- FIC·PUEBLA gives films tools to people whose doesn't have access to films facilities, so they can create their own films.
- FIC·PUEBLA is the only film festival that has a platform for impaired visual people.
- FIC·PUEBLA has an open place for film critiques.

FIC·PUEBLA is for everyone!!!

FIC·PUEBLA -Festival Internacional de Cine- tiene como objetivo motivar la producción cinematográfica independiente de calidad profesional, tanto en su realización como en sus contenidos, acercando las diferentes propuestas de los realizadores a su público.

FIC PUEBLA tiene diferentes plataformas que promueven el desarrollo social y el empoderamiento de las comunidades a través del cine:

- FIC·PUEBLA lleva el cine a lugares donde usualmente no llega, a cárceles, orfanatos, hospitales, entre otros.
- FIC·PUEBLA proporciona herramientas cinematográficas a personas que no tienen acceso a las falicilidades de hacer cine, enseñándoles y permitiéndoles crear sus propias películas.
- FIC·PUEBLA es el único festival que tiene una plataforma especial de cine para invidentes.
- FIC·PUEBLA abre el diálogo para la crítica.

¡El Cine lo hacemos Tod@s!


We are delayed! We have received so many films so the notification date has changed.
Sorry for the inconvenience!

¡Estamos atrasados! Hemos recibido muchísimas películas, gracias a todos ustedes, por lo que el día de notificación ha cambiado.
¡Sentimos los inconvenientes!

FIC·PUEBLA -International Film Festival- aims to motivate professional independent cinema on its creation and content, in order to bring together the creators with the audience.

The FIC·PUEBLA 2014 will take place from September 26th to October 4th, 2014, in Puebla, México.

I. Free thematic.

II. Length, short films: 30 minutes maximum; documentary: 120 minutes maximum.

III. Participants must upload the film with the format .mov and complete the registration process in FILMFREEWAY. If you don’t want to use a digital platform you can send the material by post mail to the Festival Offices in .mov, fill the registration form located at the website, and mail the registration form to the festival:

IV. In case the film is SELECTED, you must deliver the film in one of the exhibition format to our festival office.

V. More that one productions can be registered.

VI. Domestic and International works with completed production after January 1st, 2014 are eligible.

VII. The participant (Director or Producer) must have the exhibition rights in order to perform the registration process.

VIII. Once registered, the work cannot be withdrawn. All recorded material will become part of the Festival's Historical Archive, so no refunds possible. The Festival has the right to use the material in various forms of media, cultural and reference respecting the authorship of the work.

X. Deadline for receipt of entries and materials is August 31st. 2014.

XI. The short films and documentaries entries will be part of the Festival’s video library, which can provided them to institutions, cultural centers, film societies, etc, to make nonprofit projections. The aim is to promote the dissemination of audiovisual content in schools, public places, films discussion spaces wishing to create new audiences for the Mexican and International films.

XII. The selected works may agree that their work will be adapted for visually impair people, so they can enjoy the film at CINE PARA IMAGINAR program (this is possible due to audio descriptions with an off voice that narrates the scene when there’s no dialogue).

XIII. To register is essential complete the entry form and upload the film in FILMFREEWAY. The format is in .mov, in 4:3 aspect to 16:9 anamorphic standard formats and stereo Dolby Digital AC3 audio. Should include SPANISH subtitles for any other language spoken on the work. The films spoken in Spanish must include ENGLISH subtitles.�

XIV. Or deliver by courier the following material:
- Registration form duly completed and signed and sends it to
- Send 3 copies in DVD (NTSC or PAL) of the work .mov format, in 4:3 aspect to 16:9 anamorphic standard formats and stereo Dolby Digital AC3 audio. Should include SPANISH subtitles for any other language spoken on the work. The films spoken in Spanish must include ENGLISH subtitles.

Material should be sent by courier to, or delivered in person to:

FIC·PUEBLA 2014 –Festival Internacional de Cine-
Andador Hacienda Molino Viejo
Oriente 10 Col. Emiliano Zapata
San Andrés Cholula C.P. 72824

The participant will cover the costs associated with the registration process, including fee and shipping.

If a work is selected to participate in the FIC·PUEBLA 2014, will receive a formal invitation from the Festival on Septembre 15th, 2014. The participant is required to upload a copy of the selected work at FilmFreeway with no extra charges, in format .mov, and must be registered no later than September 20th, 2014.

Prizes awarded for the competition categories are scholarship in the film industry, rent equipment for film production and distribution throughout the world.

The Selection Committee shall consist of expert in Cinematography. The Organizing Committed of FIC·PUEBLA 2014 shall appoint members of the committee. The Selection Committee has the power to move a registered work to a different category if deemed necessary, basing the reasons for the move. The participant is obliged to accept the change.
The FIC·PUEBLA 2014 Organizing Committee along with the Selection Committee shall appoint the jury, which will be the responsible for choosing the winners and honorable mentions. The jury will consist of National and Foreign personalities who have contributed to the Film and/or cultural activities. The jury will not be composed of persons involved in the production or promotion of any of the films in competition. The Jury’s decision is final.

The FIC·PUEBLA 2014 Organizing Committee will establish the order and date of exhibition of the selected films.

All screening copies must reach the FIC·PUEBLA 2014 offices by September 20th, 2014.
The films should be delivered by recognized courier, MULTIPACK or similar (in México) and DHL, UPS or FEDEX (international shipments). Should be included in shipping the legend: CULTURAL USE ONLY AND NO COMMERCIAL VALUE. In the case of international categories customs indicate a symbolic value below 50USD. The FIC·PUEBLA 2014 will not cover the extra expenses nor customs to release the package.
The FIC·PUEBLA 2014 will not cover the costs incurred in returning the celluloid copies of the selected films. The gearboxes of all material should be agreed in advance, as well as the destination and the person who should be directed to, to do by the end of their scheduled exhibitions. In the absence of this data, the package will not be sent in return.
The responsibility of the FIC·PUEBLA 2014 in case of fire, loss, theft, damage and/or destruction of a copy of celluloid in the period between arrival at the Festival and its delivery to the courier company contracted by the participant, is limited to pay the cost of developing a new copy at the rates of the laboratories of the ESTUDIOS CHURUBUSCO AZTECA and covered through bank deposit. The deadline to make claims regarding copies of 35mm is 30 calendar days from the date October 5th, 2014.

The FIC·PUEBLA 2014 Director has the exclusive right to interpret any case not covered by this regulation. The Organizing Committee will review cases not covered. In case of any dispute concerning the interpretation of any articles of this regulation, the original is written in Spanish and is available on its oficial website: to resort to direct corroboration.
The inclusion of a work implies the full acceptance of these regulations. Failure of one or more articles may result in termination of your participation in the FIC·PUEBLA.