The International Alternative Media Film Festival (FICMA) seeks to promote and disseminate the creation of films and audiovisual projects with new digital narratives and disruptive technologies made with various devices such as smartphones, DSRL cameras, GoPro cameras, Black magic pocket, drones, among others. . Using techniques such as virtual reality, digital animation, artificial intelligence and exhibition media such as projection, transmedia narratives, VR viewers, website and streaming platforms,

For the second consecutive year, our theme is "artificial intelligence", focusing on its ethical and humanistic aspects and its sustainable development as a tool for the human being and its influence and impact on current audiovisual media.

FICMA will take place from November 18 to 26, 2023 in Mexico City.

The official FICMA award consists of a printed and/or digital recognition with official validity, as well as prizes in kind in some categories by our sponsors, which will be revealed on social networks and the official page.

The registration and participation of a film or project requires full acceptance of the bases, conditions and rules of FICMA.


-Registration will be open from Monday April 3 to july 31 11:59 pm 2023, Mexico City time.

-All films and projects that are in any another language than Spanish, will be subtitled in Spanish or English to be part of the selection process.

-The films and projects that are chosen to be in the “Official Selection” and/or “Competition Selection” must have subtitles in Spanish otherwise they will not participate in the festival. There will be given a reasonable time to subtitle them, there will also be given a link to companies associated with the subtitling service, whose cost will depend on the project in question, this will be reviewed with the participant via email and / or via private mobile (WhatsApp).

-All participants must register their film with a private cell phone number and email. In the pre-selection process, an immediate response is required with a maximum tolerance of 10 days. Do not forget to check your SPAM, social, notifications and promotions folders.

-National and foreign filmmakers will be able to participate with films and projects produced between 2021, 2022 and 2023.

-Films and projects entered in all categories must be made with devices such as smartphones, tablets, Action Cameras, drones, DSLR cameras, Blackmagic pocket, Osmo, 360° cameras or other alternative techniques such as Zoom, Parkview cameras, surveillance cameras, digital animations, etc.

-Films made with Red One, Scarlet X, Epic, Arri Alexa, Sony f6, 35mm, 16mm will not be accepted.

-The films and projects registered must clearly specify which devices or creative media they used for their realization, checking through photos, stills or videos (Behind the scenes).

-Films and projects must be registered on the platforms FILMFREEWAY or FESTHOME.

-Fiction Feature Film
-Documentary Feature Film
-Fiction Short Film.
-Documentary Short Film
-Digital Animation Short Film(Non stop motion)

-Experimental Short Film
-Web series: (Documental or Fiction)
-VR projects and / or 360° videos
-Artificial Intelligence Projects (Documentary or Fiction):

-Mexican Short Fiction Film
-Mexican Documentary Short Film
-Mexican University Short Film (Documentary or Fiction)



-Registration will begin on Monday, April 3 and will close at 11:59 p.m., on July 31, 2023, Mexico City time, with no possibility of extension.

-During April, registration will be free. From May the first, the registration will cost $14 USD for feature films and $8 USD for the other categories. From June 1, registration will cost $17 USD for feature films and $10 USD for other categories.

-Participants may submit one or more films. Advertising spots or corporate or government videos will not be accepted.

-Once a film is registered in FICMA and subsequently chosen for the official selection, the project will become part of the Eighth Edition of FICMA 2023, it cannot be withdrawn or canceled from the final programming.

-Participants must submit a Press Kit that contains a technical sheet, film stills (300 dpi, in jpg or png format), Director's photograph (300 dpi, in Jpg or png format), film poster, production photographs ( 300 Dpi, in jpg or png format) and trailer (optional).

-The Press Kit must be previously organized in a Google DRIVE or Dropbox folder with access permissions to share, on the FILMFREEWAY and FESTHOME platform where the material can be downloaded.


-Once the call closes, in the months of August and September a pre-selection will be made. The FICMA team will communicate with the shortlisted filmmakers via email and/or WhatsApp (a frequently reviewed email address and WhatsApp number are required) to follow up on said process.

-If there is no response from the shortlisted filmmakers within 10 calendar days, the project will be automatically disqualified.

-Filmmakers will be able to register and pay the registration fees for their projects through the FILMFREEWAY and FESTHOME platforms.

-The download option (via FILMFREEWAY and FESTHOME) is mandatory. If it is not enabled, the project will be discarded from the pre-selection process.
The format for viewing and downloading is MP4 1920 x 1080 full HD WITHOUT WATERMARK and with the best quality that your device or camera allows, physical copies will not be accepted.

Any questions or clarification for film registrations, write to the emails: or


-The Organizing Committee will evaluate the registered films and will choose the best of the works in the different categories of FICMA and will choose those that will make up the official and competition selection of the Eighth Edition of FICMA 2023 and reserves the right to schedule the order, date and form of exhibition (online or face-to-face) of the selected projects.

-FICMA does not grant any type of economic compensation for exhibition rights of the films that participate in the official selection or in competition.

-To make the selection, the committee will evaluate the projects taking into account the production values ​​of the film (script, direction, photography, editing, image quality), devices used to record, use of alternative technologies, creativity and originality.

-The filmmakers who register the film are accredited as the authors of the work and holders of the moral and patrimonial rights of the same, the filmmakers undertake to hold FICMA harmless from any responsibility for the possible copyright claim that could be generated by part of third parties.

-If the registered project presents internal conflicts or with third parties that affect the image or organization of the festival, as well as the interaction between the public and/or the other participants (whether in person or digitally), it will be automatically disqualified from the selection.

-The films that are chosen for the official selection will form part of FICMA's digital heritage, which will be used only for cultural and artistic purposes.

-The results of the official selection will be published as of Tuesday, October 24, on FICMA's digital platforms and social networks. Those selected will be notified by email and Whatsapp.

FICMA may use fragments of the films for its promotion and dissemination.
The films of the official selection will be part of traveling exhibitions and film cycles in exhibition agreements with other festivals, institutions and digital platforms with the required digital security.


-The jury will be composed of professionals from the film, culture and technology industry and its resolution will be final.

-The winners of the different categories in competition and the honorable mentions will be announced on the last day of the festival at the closing ceremony and through e-mail, website and social networks of the festival.

-The members of the jury will not be able to participate in the different categories in competition of the festival.

-No member of FICMA may be part of the jury or compete in the festival.

-The festival reserves the right to award honorable mentions to the works it deems worthy of these.


The organizing committee of the FICMA will resolve any matter not foreseen in the call and for more information write to the emails: /

Overall Rating
  • Nice Festival! It was a honor tiene participate!

    May 2023
  • Karen Lizbéth Castillo González

    Excelente festival, gran contenido y excelente espacio para el networking!!

    January 2023
  • Joachim Huveneers

    Very good experience with this festival.
    Organizers did an amazing job and the communication was perfect.
    It was in different places in Mexico city, quite far away from each other thought. I would like to go back some day!

    December 2022
  • Un festival muy importante que da oportunidad a nuevas narrativas y ofrece una oportunidad de exhibición importante. Muy agradecidos con el festival.

    December 2022
  • Johnny Olán

    Es la segunda vez que participo en este Festival, muchas gracias por todas las atenciones!

    December 2022