Teaser International Film Festival
Second Edition


The Teasers International Film Festival aims to:
• Encourage the production of audiovisual material for the realization of future feature films.
• Strengthen the production, promotion and distribution of Latin America, Asia and Africa films.
• Promote networking possibilities between different sectors of the audiovisual field.


The Teasers International Film Festival (FICIPROX) is organized by the Province of Buenos Aires audiovisual Cluster (Cluster audiovisual de la Provincia de Buenos Aires), with the support of other national and international audiovisual clusters that were detached from the cluster mentioned above.

The second edition of FICIPROX will be held in October 2016 and will feature the following competitions:


• The festival invites Teasers of long feature films in documentary, animation and experimental genres from Latin America, Asia and Africa. We understand as "teaser" an audiovisual piece of a maximum duration of two minutes, that works as an anticipation of a long feature film that has not yet been completed or is in a "work in progress" stage, which provides only fragmentary information of the plot and aesthetic and technical characteristics of what later will be the film.
• The projects submitted must have been done after January 2015.
• The duration of each teaser should not exceed two (2) minutes, including titles and end plate. The end plate should expose contact production without exception.
• Each author can submit up to two teasers.
• The Spanish subtitles are an essential condition if Spanish is not the original language.
• The receipt of all projects will only be digital.
• Each participant must provide a download link in the registration form (WeTransfer, Mega, Dropbox, Drive or similar).
• Each sent file must not exceed a weight of 500 MB. Standard video: H.264. Recommended resolution 1920x1080 or higher. Stereo.


• To participate in second edition of FICIPROX, the registration form must be received before the September10, 2016. The form is available in the official website of the festival,
• Projects received after final reception deadline will be excluded from the selection process.
• The registration is totally free and necessary be done by the director or the producer in charge.


Awards will be granted to:

• - Best National Teaser
• - Best International Teaser

Others recognitions: Best Direction, Best Staging, Best Story, Best Photography Director, Best Soundtrack, Best Art Director, Best Costume Design , Best Acting Performance.


• Winners must get their prizes in a period of six months starting from the date the festival ends.


The selection of the awards will be attributed by the audience who will take part during the screenings of the films, in order to give them the privilege to choose which teasers they will be interesting to watch finished as a feature film.

We consider an essential condition that the audience can have the privilege to visualize emerging filmmakers’ projects, leaving aside the traditional practice of programming.


• When filmmakers inscribe their products to the festival, they are giving the right to the organization of the festival to exhibit their material in different diffusion platforms in order to promote FICIPROX. The images can be used in whole or in part during the celebration of the festival.
• The person in charge of completing the application form in order to participate in the second edition of the Festival is absolutely responsible for the exhibition of the material and its content.
• Participate in the second edition of the Festival allows all members to have the possibility to include the logo of the Festival in their teasers and future feature films.


The registration of a film project in the second edition of the Festival, means the absolutely acceptance and complement of all the terms and conditions established. The comprehension of these terms and conditions and any eventually annexed will be exclusive competence of the Festival