Contest for Faith and Family Features, Shorts and Pilots

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LET'S CELEBRATE GREAT STORYTELLING! Faith and Family Screenwriting Awards wants to find the best of the best of unproduced features in the faith based and family friendly genres.

FESTIVAL GOAL: To find and showcase quality writing; to raise the standard of scriptwriting in the Faith Based and Family Friendly film markets, and help launch and advance screenwriting careers.


You have the option to order Professional Feedback with your submission for the reduced price of $100

(Faith & Family Filmmakers Association uses independent, qualified Judges for this festival, not unpaid readers).



★ One Winner will get a professional TABLE READ of their screenplay cast by Jean Wenger of Treasure Coast Talent. This virtual table read will be cast with professional actors, and organized shortly after the end of the Screenwriting Awards Contest. It is a great opportunity to invite potential producers, directors and/or investors to the live event - and you can use the recording for the same purposes after the event.


★ Best Screenplay

● Best Short Screenplay
● Best Pilot screenplay
● Best Adventure Feature Screenplay
● Best Comedy Feature Screenplay
● Best Action Feature Screenplay
● Best Mystery Feature Screenplay
● Best Thriller Feature Screenplay
● Best Sci-Fi Feature Screenplay
● Best Musical Feature Screenplay
● Best Faith Based Feature Screenplay
● Best Drama Feature Screenplay
● Best Historical Feature Screenplay
● Best Based on a True Story Feature Screenplay
● Best Romantic Comedy Feature Screenplay
● Best Four Quadrant Feature Screenplay
● Best Children's Feature Screenplay
● Best Teen Audience Feature Screenplay


● All entrants must be 18 years of age or older.
● Profanity, nudity and sexual content will exclude the script from advancing.
● Submissions must be in English (The script may contain minimal dialogue in other
languages, but must have the English translation written in the script.)
● This festival accepts UNPRODUCED SCRIPTS ONLY
● Previously submitted / updated scripts are eligible
● Multiple entries are accepted (submitted separately with their applicable fees)
● All entries must be an original work for which the entrant owns the rights.
● It is recommended that your original material be copyrighted.
● FFSA does not claim any ownership or rights to your scripts.
● Award Winners give permission to FFSA and its sponsors to use their Name, Script Title, and images (if provided) for promotional purposes.
● Screenplay submissions must be formatted in the industry standard screenplay format, and submitted as a digital PDF.
● Scripts must include a title page WITHOUT writers name(s) or contact information.
● It may not be possible to update or change your file after the final deadline. Please proofread your script, and double check your PDF before uploading.
● Promotional discounts (if any) must be applied at the time of submission, and no refunds will be issued after submission and payment.
● FFSA reserves the right to increase or decrease fees at any time; extend or change closing dates, announcement dates or event dates as necessary, at its sole discretion.
● The Festival will communicate with participants via the email address provided. The participant is responsible to provide a correctly spelled email address, and maintain an active email account. Your email address will be added to the Family Friendly Screenwriters database for festival and bootcamp updates, future contest promotions, discount codes, and other notifications. You will have the option to unsubscribe at any time.
● The decisions and judgements of FFSA are final and cannot be disputed.
● FFSA reserves the right to amend or add to the rules at any time, and to rule on situations and concerns not foreseen by these terms, at its sole discretion.


Overall Rating
  • Ellen Winburn

    This team is wonderful and supportive, providing follow-up and education with excellent advisors. They had no idea that I was going thru some difficult times, as we all do, but interacting with them was effortless and it's those little things that matter in times of trouble. Looking forward to submitting to this festival again!

    May 2024
  • Bryan Caron

    I am thrilled to have won three (3!!) awards at the Winter 2024 Faith and Family Screenwriting Awards. It is such an honor. All of the coordinators were very nice and friendly, especially the Director, Geoff Whitt. He was very responsive to my emails and questions. The only disapointing aspect was that they announced a prize for the Best Screenplay award that I was excited about, only to learnt he announcement was for the next year's winners only. However, overall, the festival was very informative and the guest speakers were great!

    February 2024
  • Tom C. Hunley Hunley

    Great festival. After the bootcamp, I was pumped about writing and felt better equipped ro do so. Really good, caring folks, too.

    February 2024
  • I have entered many contests and festivals and have found the Faith & Family Screenplay Competition to be one of the most professional competitions available. The communication between the contest coordinators and the entrants was and is awesome. Thank you so much for such a positive experience.
    Jonathan Turner Smith

    January 2024
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Jonathan, for your kind words. It was great to have you at our Screenwriting Bootcamp as well.

    Congratulations on your two awards!

  • David Hyde

    This screenwriting competition was an excellent event. The communication was top notch and they worked diligently to add value to the program including a one day webinar with industry professionals for the winners. Absolutely worth every penny.

    August 2023