FFFw: Food Film Festival world

Food is an integral part of human life. Just imagine: we are preparing a meal when we want to show love, we are having intimate and business talks at dinner, we like to get together for a family dinner. At dinners we show care for ourselves as well as for our loved ones. Here everything matters: what we eat, where and with whom we eat it. Food - is more than just hunger, it's culture, philosophy, and art. FFFw has collected the best shorts of the international festivals. Its films touch social, cultural, gastronomic topics. The works are divided into categories: Food & People, Cook Book, Tastes like Animal, Food Porn, Food Ad, Food & Comedy, Food & Coffee.

FFFw have already been screened at such countries as: Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Turkey.

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- Films are accepted year-round.
- Films selected for the Food Film Festival world will be announced on our website.
- The entry of films for the Food Film Festival is free of charge.
- The film should not be longer than 25 minutes.
- The Food Film Festival does not pay any screening fee for demonstrating the films.