Good-bye for now 2020

Greetings Film Fans:
Film Festival Browns Point is all about community building. From the monthly Friday Night Flicks bad popcorn - more butter solutions, to the actual Festival with a couple hundred attendees, we don’t exist without our gatherings. Due to Covid19 we are unable to gather together and watch films. This past year’s many events centered around our films, gave me great hope for the continued momentum of our experiment: finding films that offer solutions to justice issues. Sadly they were cancelled. It is time for the website to go dark. You are welcome to join the Facebook group, where any future developments will be announced first.

Thank you for being there for the inaugural year!

Francine M Dennis

Filmmakers we've heard you. Do you want more than a canned letter? Do you want lots of eyes on your project? Here's your chance.

The Film Festival @ Browns Point "Friday Night Flicks" will show your film to the community and vote it up or down for the ultimate festival experience. Based on a four star system, and short comments, you will receive feedback directly by email. Those that rise to the top will be nominated and re-viewed for final selection and awards. You will receive feed back at this level too.

Films will be accepted in the following categories:
children's Animation/Sci-Fi for Saturday morning pancake event;
films reflecting Social Justice, Environmental Justice, Freedom of...Religion/Press/You name it/lgbtq/gender/racial.....freedom. The theme of love always works.
These are for the full sized outdoor screen evening events and our indoor large screen events.

The films we want to see have practical solutions for very real world problems. Much like the Pilgrims and our Founding Fathers, we all take our freedoms seriously. No one wants to be forced to act or behave a certain way "to fit in". This festival will embrace and witness to justice in our midst.

Do you have a call to action film that will save the planet, if people just knew? Even better! Let's get lots of eyes on that.

Award winning films will be promoted throughout a national network for their events. Like a snowball in winter rolling down hill, it'll just get bigger and bigger.

Freedom is enormous, unfettered by rules.
One chooses ones way, not because it is better than another,
but because one is free to do so.
From the first Pilgrims on, each generation in America has bravely pursued that dream for which their passion lay. Persevering against adversity, resilient in the face of tragedy, the pioneering spirit lives within all of us, regardless of whether you just reached our shores or have been here 400 years.
It's the doing of a thing, that makes us human.
Humanity's character is revealed pursuing happiness.
Is it revealed in your film?

New World / First World Problem: What do you do with your freedom? To waste it and do nothing goes against both philosophy and religion.

Rather than the rips and tears, we seek the good, the joyful, the healed, and the balance.
Is it an enlightened take?
Let's together put eyes on goodness around us!

"Put Eyes on What's Working Award": this award will be presented to all final selections and includes ongoing promotion as part of our "Films on the Road" program.

Small cash awards are in the works for Best Children's Animation/Sci-Fi, Best Cinematography, Most Impact, and of course Audience Favorite, during the festival.

Filmmakers and their representatives are invited to the festival and will be asked to be included in panel discussions. This is a part of the "Your Presence Matters" initiative of Friday Night Flicks.

Joyful, uplifting films will be the cornerstone of the festival.

You must have full control of the film that is being entered and will provide Film Festival at Browns Point the appropriate releases to screen the film live to the public. Films that are available free on-line, will be disqualified. Examples of this would be You Tube, Vimeo, and your own website. We agree to not post your film in a public forum (on-line).

As long as you have the above controls the film may be up to five years old as long as it is still relevant today.

We will not screen Horror, Pornography, or experimental films with heads being cut off and eyes popping out. This is a family friendly festival. Please submit films that would be rated G or PG.

By entering you agree to abide by the competition rules and regulations.

Overall Rating
  • Anita George

    Great communication. We were very fortunate to have two films screen at the festival and one of them receive an award for "Best Animation". What a wonderful surprise! This festival has its heart in the right place with community involvement and generating engaging conversation about the environment, social justice and compassion.

    August 2019
  • A wonderful new festival! I'm in the NW, but couldn't attend (I was at another festival). The presenters were extremely supportive, and the screening was well received. This is a growing festival that deserves your participation!

    August 2019