FEM TOUR TRUCK, International Feminist Videoart Festival, since 2016. The one who runs in diferentes countrys around Europe and América, with a large amount of public. A non normal Festival, only in the streets, with workshops, talks, performance, dj's, and a lot of audiovisual projects; experimental cinema, videoart, video performance, documentary, short movie....
All projects are messages of power, empowerment, resistance, humor and fight from the feminisms struggle. We fight trough the arte, trough the cinema because is your way to be free.

Videoart category: 1000$
Videoperformance category: 1000$
Short movie: 500$
Documentary: 500$

Who can participate: visual artists of any latitude, nationality, ethnicity, diversity or sex over 18 years.

How many Works: Each person or group may submit a maximum of two works made from 2017. Works that are in Spanish must be subtitled in English, and those in languages other than English or Spanish, must be subtitled in English and Spanish. They must be sent by Wetransfer using the registration form and must be compressed to a maximum size of 500 megabytes. The name of the file must be the name of the participant. At the time of selection the originals will be requested in high quality.
Duration: the works may be between 1 minute and 20 minutes, in no case may exceed the marked footage.
Theme: in this year 2020 we want to refer to the Resistance as an aesthetic form, as a political act, as an existence of the multitudes that have resisted in history and in honor of the struggles that occurred in 2019. The R-existence in a patriarchal state and heteronormative has been our main struggle, and we understand that in order to decolonize, we must depatriate the E-state. For this we want to show how from the communities, territories, different identities and collective groups, we make resitance by occupying their own aesthetics and policies. As every year, the purpose is to promote artistic practices that vindicate the gender struggle and generate critical thinking, in order to bring feminisms closer to citizens, recover public spaces and generate encounters. The videos have to think over on the system, the classical paradigms of society, on culture, art, creation and aesthetics. The festival does not promote violent messages, we know the violence that is exerted on everyone, our job is to send messages of struggle, emancipation and resistance, from our identities, sexualities, corporalities and experiences.

• Video art: audiovisual proposals that maintain experimental, poetic and creative lines of creation and aesthetics.
• Video-performance: audiovisual proposals that show actions or performances designed to be recorded from audiovisual media.
• Short film: this category is divided into two subcategories short and documentary.
Prizes: each category has a prize of $ 1000, in the category videoperformance and video art there is a single prize of $ 1000, in the short film category there are two prizes of $ 500, one for short films and one for documentaries. The rest of the selected videos will be part of a dissemination and promotion program from the Festival's web platform, and can be selected for other festivals and audiovisual shows.
A jury of experts from different universities and cultural organizations will meet to define the videos that fit within the parameters of the festival. The jury may declare a category deserted if works that conform to the expected quality are not received.
The Fem Tour Truck organization will be able to reproduce the winning videos during the two years of the festival. The signed delivery of the acceptance form is essential. Through Vimeo videos can be disseminated among the different networks of feminist artists and activists.
Selection criteria: the jury will take into account the level of professionalism of the work, which are well produced and finished works. You will value aesthetic creativity, innovation in the cinematographic language and the quality of the message. On the other hand, thematic adaptation to the lines of the festival, struggle, fun and critical thinking will be valued.
Dead line: March 31, 2020.
Policies: The artists who present their work will declare to be authors and possess the rights of the work. Once the work is selected, the artists undertake to share the reproduction rights to the festival (the work will remain the property of the artist, being able to reproduce it and present it at different festivals). The Festival undertakes to make proper use of the images, being this one for the exclusive use of the festival, for the dissemination, promotion and projection. Whenever artists wish, they can spread their video entirely or partially on the festival website.
The festival in numbers
Films submitted
Public attendance
1,000 visitors
Films invited
Industry attendance
50 people
Total prize money
3,000.00 USD
Press attendance
50 people