FEMART Festival - Is the biggest regional Feminist and women artist’s festival for Human rights, that organized during 25-31st of May, 2016 in Prishtina.

With the support of local and regional women artists and activists we organised three successful Feminist Regional Festivals in Kosovo, during 2013-2015 in Prishtina, Kosovo. All editions achieved to attract a large number of audience members (women and men) with the direct participation of over 450 people/artists/activists and more than 6,000 audience members and around 150 media reports (written, online and TV stories).

The first Feminist regional Festival in Kosovo “FEMART” has achieved its mission of providing a welcoming place for women artists to show their art, inspired by social themes and a wish for respect of their rights and to provide an entertaining and dynamic atmosphere for visitors to learn on social issues confronting women of Kosovo, and women artists in particular in the region.

Each year, around 100 women artists and activists participate in FEMART festival, by showcasing their creative work through: theater performances, Short and documentary films, Stage readings, visual art, exhibitions, performance, concerts, book promotion, lectures, workshops, panel discussions and diverse art form presentations of women from Kosovo and region (Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia), Europe and America.

The programme of the festival will include but not limit to topics such as: Human rights, Transitional justice in the Balkans, Women empowerment, Violence against women, Reproductive health and regional exchange successes stories etc.

The program will be selected by a group of artists and CSO activists who have experience in various art forms that have a link between social issues and art creations.

FEMART award is given each year to a woman artist for their contribution in using art to raise awareness on Women's rights.

The call for entries for FEMART is open throughout the year.
Festival dates are 25-31 May 2016
Article 1
There is no fee to submit your film for consideration to the FEMART FESTIVAL.
Article 2
Any short, long or documentary film or are completed after January 01, 2015, can participate. Films completed prior to January 01, 2015 are not eligible for participation. The Artistic Director shall decide any borderline cases that may arise.
Article 3
3.1. For pre-selection purposes, films must be submitted through FilmFreeway.
3.2. In case the film is not online for public steaming, a password should be provided on the entry form.
3.3. The selection committee will be the only authorized festival staff to have access on the passworded links.
3.4. DVD’s are not accepted for submission purposes. The Artistic Director shall decide any borderline cases that may arise.
3.5. All films must be in English, or with English subtitling.
Article 4
4.1. In order to be considered for competition in the Festival, the film must address issues related with Women, human rights, feminism and directed by Women Directors.
4.2. The Selection Committee decides on the selections for the competition or panorama programmes. The committee will decide if films are accepted on of the following criteria:
* Artistic originality
* Educational impact in raising awareness on Women’s rights and contribution to the society.
* Artistic excellence in story and concept.
4.3. All applicants having submitted a film for pre-selection shall be informed prior to the opening of the Festival if her film has been selected for participation in the official Festival program.
4.4. The Festival is not obligated to supply a reason as to why a film has not been selected as part of the Festival competition.
Article 5
5.1. A fully completed online entry form is required and must include the following information:
– a biography and filmography of the Director;
– a dialogue list in English;
– film stills (300 dpi);
– film trailer / Internet link;
– poster.
5.2. The Festival may use all materials cited in Article 5.1 for promotional purposes and in order to compile the Festival catalogue. The Festival bears no responsibility for published inaccuracies in the original submission materials.
Article 6
6.1. The Festival will take place during 25-31st of May, in Prishtina, Kosovo. If possible, a film representative (the Director or the Producer) shall be present in Prishtina for the ceremony.
Article 7
7.1.In case of any mail requests, all shipping costs, as well as any charges peripheral to shipping, i.e. Customs duty and/ or clearance etc., are the sole responsibility of the applicant. FEMART FESTIVAL Festival will cover the cost of return shipment.
Article 8
8.1. In the event your film gets selected to be part of the competition program, the authorized film distributor is required to send an HD file format of the film online or by mail. Regarding specifics of the required screening format, the distributor shall be informed one month before the start of the Festival.
Article 9
9.1. All films must be presented in Original Language, and must be subtitled in English (if not otherwise specified). Subtitling expenses are the sole responsibility of the film’s Producer.
9.2. All films in a language other than Albanian will be electronically subtitled in Albanian. This service of translating and screening of subtitles will be handled by the Festival.
Article 10
10.1. The Festival will invite filmmakers to Prishtina whose films have been selected for three to five nights and will cover all accommodation expenses for this period. Travel expenses may also be covered for participants with limited funds. (This will be evaluated and determined by Festival staff on an individual basis.)
Article 11
11.1. Once a film has been selected and invited to participate in the Festival, said selected film cannot be withdrawn from the Festival program.
11.3. The festival does not pay screening fees.
Adequate coverage under the terms of the present regulations shall be decided by the Artistic Director of the Festival.

Overall Rating
  • Great festival. Mostly, they could improve in their communication with filmmakers. I found out that I was semi-finalist and that was it.
    When I asked them something while in the process, nobody replied, until I went to the official web-site and discovered that festival had already ended.

    June 2016