The FEFI or Festival de Reims is an International Film Festival that brings together European films and films from any country. The city of Reims, city of France and city of Europe accomodates all the films of the world.

16 feature films are in competition as well as 11 short films - 7 prizes are awarded by the FEFI and One Trophy :
⦁ Trophy for the best film: presentation of the Crystal Cup
⦁ Best Director
⦁ Best Actor
⦁ Best Actress
⦁ Best Writer
⦁ Best Music
⦁ Best Dirrector of the Photography
⦁ Best Short Film

Feature films have to make more than 60 countries and must have been produced mainly in their country of origin. For short films they must be less than 15 minutes generic includes.
8 feature films selected will be European and 8 other feature films will be selected from among the countries of the world outside Europe.
5 short films selected will be European and 5 other short films will be selected from among the countries of the world outside Europe and another feature film will be either European or international outside Europe and one short film one or the other
A president and a Jury president with five other members of the jury
composed of 7 people who will be international personalities of the cinematographic world.
The awards will be awarded at a ceremony at the end of the Festival with a ceremony that will take place in the magnificent "Opéra of the Reims".
The prizes will be awarded by the members of the Jury and the Best Film Award by the President and the President.
Hosted by famous animators, there will be various interludes with singers, dancers and actors on stage with the Choirs of Reims and the Reims Orchestra for an exceptional closing party.

An European film among the entries will be selected out of competition and will be honored on the first day of the Festival followed by a Gala evening

All films must be available in private link on Vimeo or on a similar site to be able to be viewed by the FEFI in order to be selected. No sending of DVD movie or other media except in exceptional cases.

There is a parallel contest at the Festival dedicated to the Cinephiles as the Professionals: The FEFI Smartphone Contest - You can find the conditions and inscriptions on the Festival website and then register on FilmFreeway.

All the accredited persons will have access to all the projections the conferences conferences of personalities closing ceremony and evening of Gala according to the places available