The Cajón del Maipo Film Festival was created in 2016. Its aim is to be a meeting point for Chilean filmmakers and animators, but also to be a transversal event, where fans can learn from professionals and where everyone can make films, from children to the elderly. In addition to the competences reserved for professionals, the FCCM includes amateur competition, exhibitions, talks, training workshops and activities around the cinema (exhibitions, shootings open to the public, etc.).
The Cajón del Maipo Film Festival will hold its third edition from January 18 to 20, 2018.

Professionals: Awards
Fans: 2 video cameras, 1 lighting kit, clapboards.


The Cajón del Maipo Film Festival aims, in a spirit of friendship and cooperation, to identify and publicize quality works made by amateurs and audiovisual professionals, with the aim of encouraging the cinematographic practice in Chile. The 3rd Cajón del Maipo Film Festival will be held on Thursday 18th, Friday 19th and Saturday 20th January 2018 in San José de Maipo and El Melocotón.

There are three categories:

- Amateur Category (Animation and fiction)

- Professional Category Fiction

- Professional Category Animation

All films produced as of January 2016 can participate.


a) The films may not have participated in the previous edition of the FCCM.

b) No more than two films from the same director may be presented to the Festival, of which the Selection Committee may only select one.

c) The films must be in the original Castilian language.

d) The films must have been produced in Chile.

e) The films must have a maximum duration of 24 minutes (including credits).

f) The films must be fiction. Documentaries and music videos will not be accepted.

g) All techniques are accepted.

h) The short films must be delivered in digital format (MP4 or mov).

i) Films of the professional category must be in FullHD compression format H264 and attach, at least, a poster of the work.

j) Films that do not offer the technical guarantees necessary for a good screening in public will be rejected.

Films of both categories must be delivered from the 23.59 until Friday, December 8, 2017 in the following ways:

- via to, indicating the corresponding category.

- through the platform FilmFreeway


a) The Selection Committee, appointed for this purpose, will select the films presented to the Festival for its screening on January 19 and 20, 2018 during the Festival.

b) The selected films will be projected a maximum of twice.

c) Once registered and selected, no film can be removed from the competition.


a) The Jury will be formed by three members, selected from persons of recognized professional prestige in the cinematographic field.

b) The decisions of the jury are final.

c) The jury undertakes to be totally impartial and transparent in its decision-making. In the event that a jury member is familiar or known to one of the applicants, the antecedent will be public knowledge and the jury agrees to resolve the matter in an ethical manner.