Eyes Wide Open Cinema is a queer film programme based in Brighton, UK. We were founded in 2012 out of a desire to bring a regular film series to Brighton exploring the lives and work of sexual and gender minorities in film.

We are looking to programme some great short film under the following categories.

- Queer cinema from Brighton-based filmmakers.

- Film related to bisexual* experience.

- Film related to asexual and aromantic experience.

- Film related to intersex experience.

Winning films will be screened at an Eyes Wide Open Cinema event in 2018.

Films must be under 20 minutes long and adhere to the conditions of the category. By submitting your film, you are giving us permission to screen it at one of our events.

If you are unable to afford the $1 submission fee, please email us at info@eyeswideopencinema.co.uk and we will provide you with a waiver code.