Do you have fan film of a franchise that you love? Was it a passion project? Well, submit your film here for a chances at awards for the inaugural season of "EXTENDED UNIVERSES Fan Film Festival" held here in Houston, Texas. It's the only one of it's kind in the state. The best part? We screen all of the films at Comicpalooza! It's Texas's Largest Comic Book Convention! The very audience you're wanting to reach will see your work on the big screen at this exclusive event. So, no matter what your fandom is, submit your film now for comic book and movie fans from all over the world! Show us you can do it better than the originals!!

Certificates will be issued to winners and finalists at the end of the season.

Award certificates for the following categories will be given:
Best Overall Film
Best Feature (40+min)
Best Mini-Movie (20-40min)
Best Short (20min and under)
Best Director
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Ensemble Cast
Best Child Actor/Actress
Best Writing
Best Cinematography
Best Editing
Best VFX
Best Sound
Best Score
Best Twist
Best Production Design
Best Costumes
Best SFX Makeup

The Hector L. Award - Given to the Film that best capture the spirit and embodiment of the source material.
BEST Prize of all- the official selections for the screening will screen at COMiCPALOOZA!!!

The submission of a film to EXTENDED UNIVERSES Fan Film Festival constitutes acceptance of our Entry Rules & Regulations as well as our Statement of Authenticity, so please review this carefully.
Film submission guidelines:
Films must be submitted as an online screener and be available for screening as a digital file. Please provide a link to where your film is hosted and any applicable passwords. Also, EXTENDED UNIVERSES Fan Film Festival is not liable for the quality of online screeners. Please encode to the highest quality possible on a platform that can provide HQ viewing, maximum up time and stability.
Film Eligibility:
All Narrative shorts, features and Music Videos must:
Be related to a franchise already in existence and must contain elements from before mentioned franchise as well as original content and genre specific tropes. Be as true as possible to source material. Have a broadcast quality digital screening file delivered by the deadline.
Fully comply with the Entry Rules & Regulations, including all deadlines, film length, entry material and other requirements. Have English subtitles at the time of submission. No dialogue lists will be accepted. Have completed all necessary clearances, licenses, and/or releases at the time of submission. Inclusion of all relevant materials upon film submission application.
Length requirements:
Feature Narrative films must be 40 minutes or longer.
Mini-Movie Narrative films must 20 to 40 minutes long.
Short Narrative films must be 20 minutes or shorter.

Overall Rating
  • Don't know if our film ever screened or if the event even happened. Apparently we were nominated for a few awards as it was listed on their Facebook page but never heard back and that was a few months ago...

    September 2018
  • I have no idea who won, no idea who the nominees were(are), and no idea how to find out because none of that information is anywhere easily accessible. I asked the head of it all, through email, and she responded that everything would be on, both, the website and facebook page. This was one month ago. I went to both pages and saw nothing, and have not seen anything since. I am sure I didn't win but it would have been nice to know wtf was going on...

    June 2018