Are you a budding actor, director or someone that has always had an interest in film making that will make a difference? Or are you just really awesome sending meaningful messages through video’s from your phone?

As part of the Pasifika Film Fest 2017, Le Va is running a short film competition with the following theme: 'Intergenerational Communication for Pasifika people'.

What is Intergenerational communication?
Le Va’s research shows that Pasifika families and communities thrive when older and younger generations communicate well, and take time to understand each other. But when there is communication breakdown between the generations, it can lead to distress, relationship breakdown and even tear families apart. #SilentTreatment #CantTalk #NoTeeth.

Can you express in a short film a time you experienced intergenerational miscommunication or misunderstanding, and also express how you would like it done better? We encourage you to work alongside all generations for this project.

Le Va’s “Express Yourself” project aims to increase greater understanding and respect between generations of Pasifika people.

When we have effective communication between younger and older generations, we build empathy – which contributes to safe, healthy and respectful relationships, and ultimately more cohesive Pasifika families and communities.

Communication breakdown occurs when we misinterpret what we hear, see or feel from others. It’s something that can be easily overlooked and we don’t know how to deal with it. Most of the time we don’t even know it’s happening.

Le Va’s intergenerational approach is strengths-based and focusses on relationships and the inherent strength of each generation. When we view people of different generations as pure potential, we start to see resilient and prosperous Pasifika families.

Our approach emphasises that each generation of Pasifika - whether born in the islands, children of the migration, Gen Y, millennials or centennials – has different experiences and life views but all with similar underlying cultural values, and all with equally valuable contributions.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to express yourself, then this competition is for you!

The prizes are amazing, and it’s only a two and a half minute short film, so grab a group of friends and give it a go over the Summer break. Deadline is 31 Jan 2017.

* Westfield vouchers to the value of $1000!
* Your film featured at the Pasifika Film Festival in Auckland on 16th February 2017
* A three hour NRL experience! Be hosted by our most famous Pasifika NRL players!
* Attend the event with your friends or family and receive your award by a special mystery guest
 Q&A sessions with Pasifika leaders in the creative industry to help you understand what it takes to make it in the creative world

To be eligible to enter this competition, all applicants must:
* Be aged 16 years or older at time of entry
* Be a NZ citizen or NZ resident
* Submit the short film by 12pm 31 january 2017
* Meet the film and submission criteria outlined below
* All complete an 'Individual release form'. This is for all performers in the video. The form can be found on Le Va's website.

The submission criteria are that the film must:
* Be no longer than 2 minutes 30 seconds including titles and credits.
* Incorporate this year’s theme of: ‘Intergenerational Communication’ for Pasifika people
* Be a file no larger than 4GB in mp4 format.
* Have good resolution – as a guide: 1080p Full HD - 1920 x 1080 (High Definition 16:9), or 720p HD - 1280 x 720 (High Definition 16:9), or DV PAL - 1024 x 576 (Standard Definition 16:9).
* Be mindful of using music and video footage that is not created by you. We recommend that you use only music and video footage that you create to avoid copyright issues.