Express Production is a project of start up which offers its services in the field of computer graphics and multimedia technology based on originality and creativity and the re-shaping of the concept of Visual Arts. It works basically on the creation of video spots, photo shoots, short and long films.
The project is new on its territory and is conceived as a proper artistic workshop where the different techniques and multimedia disciplines come together and are managed by a group of skilled and enthusiastic young operators.
What was a simple project at the beginning of the start up adventure, has now become a reality under the form of a true business, following the many experiences in the artistic fields of theatre and cinema. The use of different multimedia languages and personal elaboration create an original “blended” language to meet the needs of the commissioners and clients.
The Express Production services are offered to public and private companies and enterprises which operate in the fields of cinema and television productions, but it is also involved in giving support to new emergent artists who have just obtained a diploma or a degree in the artistic disciplines and need a more widespread visibility.
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    Scatola Nera 2021
    L' Acciarino2020
    Leggermente folle2019
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July 1, 2019
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San Cesareo
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